Zippy the Zebra Hand Puppet

Felt Zebra Hand Puppet

This cute Zippy the Zebra hand puppet is the perfect pal for big and little kids alike. Use contrasting coloured felt and embroidery thread to create this super cute zebra hand puppet character.

Time to Make : Three hours

Skill Level : Intermediate

You Will Need How to Make
  1. Using the template cut out all the required pieces.
  2. Add stripes to the zebra’s arms and body either by using 1 inch wide strips of self adhesive black felt or attaching felt with fabric glue. Make his hooves in the same way.
  3. Sew the inner ears to the outer ones then sew the tummy onto the body and sew the arms together.
  4. Put the ears in place (as marked) between the face and back pieces of felt. Pin all layers together and then sew using a simple overstitch.
  5. Fold the mouth piece in half and stitch along folded edge with a running stitch. This prevents the mouth opening too wide and getting stuck.
  6. Sew the bottom lip to the body (B to B), then the top lip to the nose (A to A).
  7. Lay the body on top of the back and line up the nose with the face (C to C), overlapping the felt by about one cm. The body will be longer than the back at the base of the puppet.
  8. Stitch the nose to the face then attach the eyes. You can use buttons, felt shapes, beads or teddy bear eyes. Note: where you place the eyes really alters the character of the puppet.
  9. Start sewing each side of the body together inserting the arms about 5 cm down from the mouth.
  10. To make the zebra’s mane cut three pieces of felt in different colours and snip down the long edges on both sides (see template) then stitch all three layers together down the middle of the mane. Attach to the back of the puppet with fabric glue or additional stitches. Make sure you leave a couple of centimetres at the top so you can pull the mane down between the ears for a fringe. Fix in place.Felt Zebra Hand Puppet


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