Your Handmade Wedding – Signage

Meet a Maker! Katie Weeks #MeetAMaker Photographed by Dorset wedding photographer, Nathan Eames

Every girl needs a red carpet but in my case I wanted a pink carpet to welcome all my guests to our wedding reception. I wanted to create a fun entrance for everyone to remember and this is certainly what I achieved with some custom handmade signage using driftwood!

Your Handmade Wedding – Signage

You will need

  • Selection of drift wood
  • Small hammer
  • Nails
  • Computer with word or any text programme
  • A4 Paper
  • Craft knife
  • Masking tape
  • Measuring tape
  • Cutting mat
  • Paintbrush suitable for woodwork – harder bristles
  • Outdoor paint for woodwork or alternatively craft acrylic or spray paint (available in store only) dependent on your design
  • Saw

How to make

1. I decided to make my own signage to match the font I used on my wedding invites and to match my colour scheme. I started by going to my local beach and collected some drift wood I found washed up. After I had found the appropriate size I selected the wording I wanted to paint onto the drift wood.

2. I chose our initials and the word ‘Wedding’ as I wanted to produce a sign to go into a large flower pot at the entrance of my wedding reception and the pink carpet! Measure the width of the wood and worked out what size you need the font to be and then print the words and initials onto white A4 paper using my computer – If you do not have a computer drawing the outline of the words using a pencil is just as effective.

Your Handmade Wedding - Signage #Wedding #WeddingDecor

3. Carefully cut out the stencil silhouette using a craft knife, and most importantly a cutting mat!

Top Tip

Make sure to always cut away from you when using a craft knife!”

4. Using masking tape place the stencil onto the wood where you want the wording to go and stuck it in place. Using a heavy duty paintbrush apply the paint carefully onto the stenciled wording. You may need to apply a few coats to get the brightness you require. Leave to dry and then remove the paper and tape.

Your Handmade Wedding - Signage #Wedding #WeddingDecor

5. I also collected from the beach a longer piece of driftwood for the stake, so that I was able to stand the sign up in the plant pot where I wanted it placed. To make the wooden stake go easily into the soil simply saw one end into a point. Then using a hammer and nails attach it to the driftwood with the wording.

Your Handmade Wedding - Signage #Wedding #WeddingDecor

It was a great focal point and it led all our guests to the wedding!

Your Handmade Wedding - Signage #Wedding #WeddingDecor Photographed by Dorset wedding photographer, Nathan Eames

Photographed by Dorset Wedding Photographer Nathan Eames

Even our Chicken Amber was impressed!

Your Handmade Wedding - Signage #Wedding #WeddingDecor

I repeated the same technique for my photo booth sign but this time I drilled holes and added string to be able to hang it up.

Your Handmade Wedding - Signage #Wedding #WeddingDecor

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