Your Handmade Wedding – Dog Outfits

Your Handmade Wedding - Dog Outfits #Wedding photography by Dorset wedding photographer Nathan Eames

Our dogs mean the world to us and we wanted them to be a part of our big day!

Roxy our chocolate working cocker spaniel doesn’t mind dressing up so I came up with a dress suitable for her. I sourced most of the fabric from my local haberdashery and ebay. I decided on some peachy pink stretchy lace and co-ordinated it with white lace. Roxy is my best friend after all – so it was only right that she was my bridesmaid!

Rolo our golden working cocker spaniel doesn’t mind it too much if we dress him up so I decided to make him a bow tie to look good on our wedding day. He was invited to be a guest at our wedding reception so I decided if we are all dressing up he should too!

Your Handmade Wedding – Dog Outfits

Roxy’s Bridesmaids Dress

You will need

  • One metre Stretch lace fabric in your desired colour
  • Two metres Stretch Lace trim in desired colour
  • 0.5 metres of Tuille Net fabric in desired colour
  • 2 metres wide by 5 centimetres deep of White Lace plus a piece of white lace 50 centimetres wide by 15 centimetres deep
  • Matching thread

How to make

1. Measure your pet (Roxy is quite small – so you may need more fabric than I used, should you have a Great Dane!). You will need the measurement around their chest and the length of their back from collar to tail.

2. Draw the pattern out on dressmaking paper (tissue paper could be used) you will need two “vest” patterns one smaller for the underside and one bigger for the top which will go over your dogs back.

Your Handmade Wedding - Dog Outfits #Wedding

These are the pattern pieces that I ended up with after measuring Roxy

3. Sew the back to the underside leaving an opening for the neck and front legs. Using the stretch lace trim finish the edges of the leg holes and neck. This will neaten the raw edges and stop the lace from fraying. You will now have a vest type garment that fits over your dog’s head and front legs.

3. To make the “train” part of the dress, use the tuille net cut a piece of fabric 1.5 times the width of top part of your vest. Hem three edges of this square (the sides and bottom) then add layers of the original stretch lace, more tuille and the white lace until you achieve the desired effect of frilliness. Start at the un-hemmed edge with your lace frills leaving about a 2.5 centimetres gap to allow it to attach to the vest section.

4. Attach the train part of the garment to the vest by sewing the un-hemmed edge directly onto the back to create a skirt effect. Finish the edge on the underside of the vest with the stretch lace trim again – just to keep everything neat.

5. Add any other embellishments to fit your theme. I added a matching flower, but please take care that there are no sharp bits that could hurt your pup!

Your Handmade Wedding - Dog Outfits #Wedding photography by Dorset wedding photographer Nathan Eames

Photographed by Dorset wedding photographer Nathan Eames

Rolo’s Dog Collar

You will need

How to make

1. First I cut a piece of white linen roughly one metre in length, and hand dyed it turquoise so it would match my colour scheme. I then loosely measured around Rolo’s neck with a fabric tape measure.

2. Laying the dyed linen out flat I transferred the measurements. The measurement taken from around Rolo’s dogs neck determined the length the linen needed to be cut to, I then made my collar 2.5 centimetres wide. Make sure to add a one centimetre seam allowance around each side. Cut out two of these shapes.

3. I then worked out the centre of the collar where the black bow tie would sit. I made the bow tie using black ribbon, but it works just as well if you wanted to recycle one.

4. Now to make the white collar.  You will need the white cotton fabric folded in two. Draw out using the tailors chalk a triangle shape, this will form the ‘collar’ section. Cut out making sure to add a one centimetre seam allowance around each side. Repeat this for the other side of the collar. You should then have two sets of triangles.

5. Place one set of triangles so that the wrong sides are facing each other, and then sew together using a sewing machine using a one centimetre seam around the pointed edges, leave the longest edge unsewn (the one that attaches it to the blue collar) and then use scissors to cut off the pointed corners. Now you are ready to turn the triangles through, so that the right sides are on the outside.

6. The next step is to sew a one centimetre seam allowance around the blue linen, making sure that the two pieces are lined up on top of each other with wrong sides facing. Start by measuring the top of the white collar triangles that have not been stitched, and times it by two. Mark this area in the middle of the blue rectangle as this is the area you will not be stitching. Now stitch around the edge of the blue rectangles. Cut each of the four corners close to the stitching and turn the fabric through. Use a sharp pencil to poke inside and push out the corners.

7. You are now ready to add the white collars. Pin the two white collars into the opening that is on the blue rectangle folding in the seam allowance. Using a sewing machine and a straight stitch, carefully stitch closed the open edge.

8. Use an iron to press the collar and the blue rectangle.

9. Hand stitch the black bow tie in the middle of the white collars.

Your Handmade Wedding - Dog Outfits #Wedding

10. Depending on the width of your dog’s neck cut the Velcro to a decent size so that it will help hold the collar in place securly. Attach this either end of the blue rectangle, first by pinning it in place and testing it on your dogs neck. Use a sewing machine to stitch in place.

11. To add a little bit of detail to the collar why not try adding a button. Using the button hole function on your sewing, and then stitch on the button by hand.

Your Handmade Wedding - Dog Outfits #Wedding

Top Tip…

Your dog is now ready for the big day!

Your Handmade Wedding - Dog Outfits #Wedding

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