Your Handmade Nautical Wedding

Your Handmade Nautical Wedding #handmade #nautical #wedding #diy #

Love the beach and all things nautical? Then incorporate it into your wedding by adding a little beach-themed touch here and there, to create a truly personal wedding theme of your own. From table favours to bunting, we’ve got some fab ideas on how to inject some nautical into your special day!

Your Handmade Nautical Wedding

Table Decorations

Your Handmade Nautical Wedding #wedding #nautical #diy #handmade #beach

Beautiful table decorations don’t have to be difficult – take some navy, white and red ribbon, to tie or stick around your vases or empty jam jars. Add a bit of natural twine for texture, and a pop of colour with a red anchor embellishment, and you’re done! An easy make that you can whip up for 10 tables in no time at all!

Table Numbers

Your Handmade Nautical Wedding #wedding #nautical #diy #handmade #beach

Looking for a sweet way to add table numbers? These little buckets tie in wonderfully with a beach or nautical theme, and are so easy to make. Grab a steel bucket, fill with your favourite rocks and shells, then get out the hessian and twine – not forgetting that classic anchor motif to pull it all together! To add numbers, use thin dowelling or skewers, and cut or punch hearts out of card. If you’re handwriting is less confident, you can use stick-on numbers for a neater finish.


Your Handmade Nautical Wedding #wedding #nautical #diy #handmade #beach

Save your memories from the day with a quirky take on a guestbook! This message in a bottle guestbook is a fun touch to your theme, getting guests to write messages and roll them up into the bottle. If you want an alternative, or think you might fill your bottle up, use a small mache chest for overflow – you could also store all your plain pieces of paper and pens in there to keep a neat table!

Place Settings

Your Handmade Nautical Wedding #wedding #nautical #diy #handmade #beach

Go au natural with these beachy and money saving place names. Head off to the beach to gather a collection of suitably sized pebbles (make sure they are smooth), and get the acrylic paints out at home – whether you use simple hearts or an anchor motif, it’s a great way of adding texture to your table, while utilising a free gift from nature!


Your Handmade Nautical Wedding #wedding #nautical #diy #handmade #beach

No wedding would be complete without making a feature of the newlyweds’ initials somewhere! For a nautical take on this often-floral trend, paint mache or mdf letters white, and wrap your ampersand in twine. This texture will help it to tie in with your other decorations and the simple painting is in line with the rest of your nautical colour palette.

Need bunting in your wedding? Use a template and scissors or a die cutting machine to cut hearts out of nautical print fabric, and glue twine to the back of them, for loved-up bunting that fits with your theme.

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