Your Cricut Personalised Fillable Bauble

Your Cricut Personalised Fillable Bauble #cricut #explore #personalised #fillable #bauble #christmas #papercraft #decoration

Create an extra special decoration for your tree by using the Cricut Explore and its online software, Design Space to create a personalised fillable bauble and cut seasonal confetti and decorations. With its precise detailed cutting, the Cricut Explore is perfect for creating tiny confetti sized images to fit all occasions and themes.

This project describes the basic techniques involved in creating a welded name and sizing confetti images.

Note: The term ‘Cricut Explore’ refers to all the Explore machines: Explore, Explore Air, Explore Air 2 and Explore One.

You Will Need Craft Essentials
How to Make

1. Using a laptop/Mac/iPad/iPhone, log on to your Design Space account and make sure you are connected to your Explore machine. Select ‘Create a new project’ then ‘images’. Search for and select the images desired for the confetti and any focal hanging images.The project used deer, present, Christmas tree and snowflake images.

bauble 1

2. Remove any layers not required. Resize the image to the desired size: confetti size used was approximately 0.6” x 0.6”; focal images were approximately 1.7” x 1.5”.

3. Click ‘text’, select the desired font and type the name required. To weld letters together:

Top Tip!

Moving the individual letters is easier if the word is sized bigger than ultimately desired.

Ungroup the image and separate the layers, deleting any unwanted layers;‘Isolate letters’ and move each letter to overlap its neighbouring letters;Highlight the whole image and ‘weld’;Resize the image to the desired dimensions. The project names were approximately 1.3” x 2”.

4. Small holes can be added to the images which will be hung by resizing a circle and ‘attaching’ or ‘slicing’ it where desired.

Top Tip!

Using ‘slice’ will provide a template circle which can be used to create a same sized hole in other images.

bauble 2

5. Cut the images from the appropriate consumable, adjusting the setting on the Smart Dial accordingly.

Top Tip!

Use the scraper tool to apply the poster board and cardstock to the cutting mat to ensure good contact.

6. Carefully remove the cut image from the cutting mat using the spatula; this will minimise the damage to the image and mat.

7. Using fineline thread, tie the hanging names and images to one of the loops of the bauble sides.

Top Tip!

Leave long thread ends and tie them into the hanging ribbon later for extra security.

8. Place confetti images into the bauble side and secure the other side of the bauble in place. With ribbon, tie the bauble together creating a hanging loop at the same time.

9. Use any vinyl images to decorate the outside of the bauble.

Your Cricut Personalised Fillable Bauble #cricut #explore #personalised #fillable #bauble #christmas #papercraft #decoration

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