Your Cricut Explore Spring Rabbit Wall Mount

Add a quirky touch to your home decor this Spring, with this adorable paper rabbit wall mount. Adorned with a cute-as-button floral crown, it’s ideal for children’s bedrooms as well as the kitchen or living room. Keep things clean and simple like we have, or go bold with statement floral patterns and perhaps some pompom trim – oh the possibilities!

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make
  1. To start the project you’ll need to be logged into the Cricut Design Space. Start a new project, and click ‘Projects’ from the left-hand toolbar. In the search bar at the top of the screen type in “jackalope” and hit the “enter/return” key. 


2. Select the first image. The below screen will then appear, click the “Make it” button.


3. You’ll then be taken through to the preparation screen (please see below image). To create the Spring Bunny, you’ll only need to create mats two, five, six and seven, simply click on them to select and follow the on-screen instructions. When making mat five, we skipped the step where the Cricut Explore draws on the eyes and nose (simply don’t add the pen when told), however this is a personal preference.


4. Once everything has been cut it’s time to get construction. Gently fold along the score lines and glue the corresponding tabs to constrauct the rabbit head. Place to one side.

5. To create the floral garland cut your choice of flowers and leaves using the Cricut Design space and any card scraps you have. Trim a length of florist’s hobby wire to approximately 20cm, overlap the ends slightly, and wrap florists tape around them to secure in place. Place over the rabbits ears to ensure the fit is as you like then remove and cover the remainder of the wire hoop with the green tape. Once complete, stick on the flowers and leaves using a glue gun.

6. Paint a rectangular wooden plaque with dark grey paint, add a little bit of black paint to darken the colour more if desired. Apply three coats of paint, leaving each to dry before applying the next.

7. Secure the rabbit head centrally to the plaque (with a glue gun) using the tabs on the back the neck section, then add on the floral garland, using a glue gun once more to secure it in place.

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