Your Cricut Explore Poppy Note Holder

Your Cricut Explore Poppy Note Holder #diy #papercraft #cricut

We all write lists and notes, so make a note holder to keep them together.  Creating flowers using the Cricut Explore and its online software Design Space is super easy. This project uses poppies to decorate, but there are many flower images to choose from.

Your Cricut Explore Poppy Note Holder

You Will Need

How to Make

  1. Connect the Cricut Explore to the pc/laptop/Mac, log on to your Design Space account and create a new project. Click ‘Insert image’, select ‘cartridges’ and search for ‘Flower Shoppe’. Locate and select the Heart spiral flower (M45BF3), leaf (M45DF9) and heart petal flower (M4709B).Your Cricut Explore Poppy Note Holder #diy #papercraft #cricut
  2. Search for ‘Cricut Craft Room Basics’ cartridge and locate the Notecard (M3DBC4). Insert all the images on to the design screen.Your Cricut Explore Poppy Note Holder #diy #papercraft #cricut
  3. Resize the flower and leaf images as required by first highlighting the image and then dragging the corner point. The size appears in a black text box as the image is altered. For this project, the images are sized as follows:
    Heart petal flower – 2.2” x 2.0”
    Heart spiral flower – 2.1” x 2”
    Leaf – 1.3” x 2.0”Your Cricut Explore Poppy Note Holder #diy #papercraft #cricut
  4. Copy and paste each image. In the layers window, change the colour of one of the heart petal flowers to a different red and both the heart spiral flowers to black so that the images will load on to separate mats.
    Copy and paste each heart petal flower and resize them fractionally smaller.
  5. Copy and paste the notecard image. Resize one to be 3.5” x 3.8” and the other to be 3.1” x 3.3”. Change the colour of each notecard layer.Your Cricut Explore Poppy Note Holder #diy #papercraft #cricut
  6. Click the ‘add text’ button and type ‘Don’t Forget’. In the edit window, select your desired font. Resize the text. With the text highlighted, click ‘ungroup’. Individually move each letter so that they overlap. Create a drag box around the image and ‘weld’ the letters together. Change the image colour to black.Your Cricut Explore Poppy Note Holder #diy #papercraft #cricut
  7. Following the on screen prompts and adjusting the Smart Dial™ for the material being used, cut the heart petal flowers from red card and red spot decorative paper, the heart spiral flower and wording from black card, the leaves from green card, the bottom notecard layer from red card and the top notecard layer from white card.
  8. If the resources are slightly heavier weight, select the halfway dot on the Smart Dial for either ‘Cardstock +’.
  9. Ink the edges of the top notecard, flowers and leaves. Glue the wording to it. Glue the top notecard to the bottom one.
  10. Glue the petal flowers together and once dry, gently shape the petals. Use the quilling tool to carefully roll up the spiral flowers, working from the outside edge inwards. Hold together with glue. Glue the rolled centres into the middle of the flowers. Shape the leaves.
  11. With the peg upside down, use the hot glue gun and glue sticks to attach the notecard then flowers and leaves making sure you can still open the peg!

Your Cricut Explore Poppy Note Holder #diy #papercraft #cricut

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