Your Cricut Explore Personalised T-shirt

Bring new life to T shirts by adding images and text in iron-on vinyls cut using the Cricut Explore. Text can be cut in any Cricut font or font stored on your system. This project uses images from the Billionaire and Southwest-short digital fonts.
Change the colours to fit with your chosen T shirt’s colour scheme.

Note: The term Cricut Explore applies to any of the Explore machines: Explore, Explore One or Explore Air.

You Will Need Craft Essentials
  • Iron and press cloth
  • Grey T Shirt, preferably pre-washed and dried
How to Make

1. Connect the Cricut Explore to the pc/laptop/Mac, log on to your Design Space account and in the ‘iron-on’ category, locate and select the ‘Amazing T Shirt’ project.

Your Cricut Explore Personalised T-shirt #cricut #tshirt #diy #personalised

2. The project makes images for one small size T Shirt. To create the project as designed, click ‘Make it Now’. To resize the project or change the images, click ‘customise’.

Your Cricut Explore Personalised T-shirt #cricut #tshirt #diy #personalised

3. Make sure the ‘mirror image’ box is checked in the preview screen for each mat.
Cut the images from the relevant iron-on vinyls.
Top Tip! Use the scraper tool to apply the iron-on vinyl to the cutting mat to ensure there are no air bubbles.

Your Cricut Explore Personalised T-shirt #cricut #tshirt #diy #personalised

4. Carefully remove the unwanted iron-on vinyl using the weeder tool.

5. Follow the instructions on the Iron-on vinyl packaging to apply the images to the T shirt using an iron and press cloth.
Top Tip! Off-set the silver images over the black images to create a shadow effect.

Your Cricut Explore Personalised T-shirt #cricut #tshirt #diy #personalised

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