Your Cricut Explore: Home Sweet Home Banner

Welcome your guests into your abode with this glitzy spring-themed home sweet home banner, complete with paper blooms and sparkly sentiment. 

We’ve used calico to create the base of our banner, however Cricut’s Iron On Vinyl can be applied to all kinds of different fabrics, and with the Easy Press by your side it’s simply a case of setting it to the correct temperature and time and letting it work it’s magic. 

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make
  1. Take the calico and cut a panel measuring 46.5(H) x 36.5(W)cm. Trim a piece of fusible web to the same size, and follow the instructions on the packaging to adhere it to the calico.

2. With the fabric panel positioned in a portrait orientation, fold both long sides over by 2cm to create a neat edge, pin in place, then use an iron to press the fabric. 

3. Load your sewing machine with a cream thread and select a running stitch to secure the folded over fabric in place using a 1cm seam allowance.

4. Repeat the process with the top edge of the panel, this time folding over the fabric by 5cm, pin in place and press with an iron.

5. With the right-side of the fabric facing down, use a running stitch to sew 4cm and 5cm down from the folded top edge.

6. On the reverse of the panel along both long sides, use a pencil to mark 30cm down from the top edge, then mark the centre point of the bottom edge with a pencil.

7. Fold both bottom edges up diagonally to the 30cm mark to form a “V” shape. Pin the fabric, then press into place with an iron. Use a 1cm seam allowance to secure.

8. Using a laptop/Mac/iPad/iPhone, log on to your Design Space account and make sure you are connected to your Explore machine. In the images, search for and select ‘Home Sweet Home’. Click ‘Insert Images’.

9. Resize the image to 11.5″ (W) x 9.046″(H). 

10. Select “Make it”. Apply the Iron On to the Standard Grip Cutting Mat so that the glitter side is facing down. Follow the on-screen instructions to cut the design, ensuring you have set your machine to mirror the design, so that when the cut vinyl is placed onto the banner it reads from left to right.

11. Once cut weed the image to remove all of the negative glitter sections. Once complete, place the design centrally onto the calico banner and use the Easy Press to adhere the vinyl.

12. To complete the design cut and create a selection of blooms and ferns from Design Space, to adorn the top right-hand corner and bottom of the banner. Use a glue gun to secure these in place.

13. Trim a length of dowel to 38.5cm and paint dark grey with two coats of craft acrylic paint, leaving to dry between paint applications.

14. Place the dowel through the channel at the top of the banner and add twine either side to hang.

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