Your Cricut Explore Cushion Project

Decorating cushion covers is a great way to personalise your room and is easily achieved using the Cricut Explore, its internet-based software (Design Space), and some iron-on vinyl. This project is designed for a cushion measuring 18 inches by 18 inches, but it can be re-sized if needed.

Your Cricut Explore Cushion Project

You Will Need

How to Make:

1. Log on to your Design Space account and ensure your Cricut Explore Air is switched on and connected. Select ‘home décor’ from the categories menu and locate the ‘Love Your Life Pillow’ project.

Your Cricut Explore Cushion Project #cricut #explore #cushion

2. To create the project as designed, click ‘Make it Now’. To resize the project, click ‘customise’.

3. Alter the dimensions of the canvas to match those of your chosen cushion cover in the ‘canvas’ tab.

4. Resize the images as required by first highlighting the image and then dragging the corner point. The size appears in a black text box as the image is altered; or applying a known measurement into the ‘Edit’ window.

5. Cut the images from the black glitter and pink lite Cricut iron-on vinyls: remember to check the ‘mirror image for iron-on’ box on the mat preview screen.

6. Use the weeder tool to carefully remove the unwanted pieces of iron-on vinyl from the backing.

7. Carefully iron the images on to your cushion cover following the instructions included with the iron-on vinyls.

8. Fill the cushion cover.

Your Cricut Explore Cushion Project #cricut #explore #cushion

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