Your Cricut Explore Campervan Cushion

Your Cricut Explore Campervan Cushion #cricut #fathersday #cushion #campervan

Make a special pillow for Dad this Father’s Day, or for someone embarking on a journey, using the Cricut Explore and its online software, Design Space. This project uses images from the Bits & Pieces and Summer Love cartridges; felt and iron-on vinyls to upcycle a pillow: perfect for a sofa, study, bedroom or car seat! Cricut Iron-on vinyl Lites and Glitters can be layered on to fabric as long as Iron-on Glitter is the top layer.
Change the colours to fit with your chosen colour scheme.

Note: The term Cricut Explore applies to any of the Explore machines: Explore, Explore One or Explore Air.

Your Cricut Explore Campervan Cushion

You Will Need

Craft Essentials

  • Iron and press cloth
  • Pillow 12 x 12″ »


How to Make

1. Connect the Cricut Explore to the pc/laptop/Mac, log on to your Design Space account and ‘Create New Project’. In ‘Insert Image’, search for and locate the van image (Bits & Pieces cartridge; labelled ‘bus’) and Road Trip image (Summer Love cartridge).

Your Cricut Explore Campervan Cushion #cricut #fathersday #cushion #campervan

Your Cricut Explore Campervan Cushion #cricut #fathersday #cushion #campervan

2. The project makes decorations for a pillow measuring 12“x 12”. Resize the van image to approximately 7.9” x 7.3”.
Hide the base layers of the Road Trip image, leaving just the slogan top layer. Resize this to approximately 2.6” x 2.8”.

Your Cricut Explore Campervan Cushion #cricut #fathersday #cushion #campervan

3. Make sure the ‘mirror image’ box is checked in the preview screen for each mat.
Cut the images from the relevant resources: van base from stabilised felt; top van layer from both iron-on vinyl glitter multi and iron-on vinyl lite red; ‘road trip’ from iron-on vinyl lite white.

4. Carefully remove the unwanted iron-on vinyl using the weeder tool.

5. Carefully apply the felt van base to the pillow using an iron. First heat the pillow. Lay the image on to the pillow, felt side upwards. Cover with a press cloth and heat across the image using the iron, slowly passing the iron over the surface for about 30s, or until the stabiliser bonds.

6. Follow the instructions on the iron-on vinyl packaging to apply the van top layer and the ‘road trip’ images to the pillow using an iron and press cloth. This project used the iron-on vinyl lite red for the paintwork detail and the iron-on vinyl glitter multi for the windows.

Your Cricut Explore Campervan Cushion #cricut #fathersday #cushion #campervan

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