Your Cricut Explore Cactus Mobile

Your Cricut Explore Cactus Mobile #cricut #explore #cactus #mobile #diy #paper #papercraft #craft

Bring some heat to a room with this quirky cactus mobile made using the Cricut Explore and its online software, Design Space. Change the colours to personalise the mobile to suit your room’s colour theme.

Note: The term ‘Cricut Explore’ refers to all the Explore machines: Explore, Explore Air, Explore Air 2 and Explore One.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Using a laptop/Mac/iPad/iPhone, log on to your Design Space account and make sure you are connected to your Explore machine. Open a new project and search within the Cricut library for cactus images: this project used:
Large cactus #M3C9EF from Old West
Cactus #M3FA29 from Create A Critter 2

2. For each image: resize to measure approximately 3.3”w x 3.5”h; ungroup the image; delete any unwanted layers; remove cut lines using the contour feature.

Your Cricut Explore Cactus Mobile #cricut #explore #cactus #mobile #diy #paper #papercraft #craft

3. Duplicate each image and mirror image the duplicates horizontally: this will create the back layer of the cactus.

4. Cut the desired number of images from decorative papers: use the ‘light cardstock’ or ‘light cardstock+’ setting on the Smart Dial.

 Top Tip!

Use the scraper tool to apply the papers to the cutting mat to ensure good contact. 

5. Carefully remove the cut images from the cutting mat using the spatula; this will minimise the damage to the image and mat.

 Top Tip!

Keep the coordinating back and front pieces together as they are cut.

6. Cut five 1m lengths of invisible thread and tie one end of each to the embroidery frame so that they are spaced evenly around the circumference.

7. For each thread: lay one cactus image face down and apply PVA glue; lay the thread down its length; cover with the coordinating cactus image, decorative side upwards i.e. sandwich the thread between the two coordinating cactus layers. Continue to add cactus images to the thread as desired.

 Top Tip!

Offset the images on neighbouring threads to make the mobile more interesting. 

8. Tie the ribbon lengths to the embroidery hoop, spacing them evenly. Gather them together above the hoop and tie into a loop for hanging the mobile.

Your Cricut Explore Cactus Mobile #cricut #explore #cactus #mobile #diy #paper #papercraft #craft

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