Your Cricut Explore 3D Paper Cactus

Create an ever-lasting cactus plant to decorate your home. This project creates one 3D paper cactus that easily slots together using the Cricut Explore and its online software, Design Space. Change the colours to personalise the cactus.

Note: The term ‘Cricut Explore’ refers to all the Explore machines: Explore, Explore Air, Explore Air 2 and Explore One.

You Will Need Craft Essentials
How to Make

1. Using a laptop/Mac/iPad/iPhone, log on to your Design Space account and make sure you are connected to your Explore machine. Search for and select the ‘3D Cactus’ project within the ‘Home Decor’ category of the Make It Now projects.

Your Cricut Explore 3D Paper Cactus #cricut #explore #3d #cactus #paper #papercraft #diy

2. This project makes one cactus measuring 10” x 10” (25cm x 25cm). To make the project as designed, click ‘Make It Now’. To resize the project, click ‘Customise’. Resize the image as required to fit your chosen plant pot.

Top Tip!

‘Group’ all the images before resizing to keep them all sized proportionately.

Your Cricut Explore 3D Paper Cactus #cricut #explore #3d #cactus #paper #papercraft #diy

3. Cut the images from coloured card (as desired), following the on-screen prompts for loading the scoring stylus.

Top Tip!

Use the scraper tool to apply the cardstock to the cutting mat to ensure good contact.

4. Carefully remove the cut images from the cutting mat using the spatula; this will minimise the damage to the image and mat.

Top Tip!

Keep the coordinating back and front pieces together as they are cut.

5. Fold each large base piece along the score line. Glue a coordinating solid piece to the back of each polka dot piece using PVA glue.

Top Tip!

Use the scraper tool to reinforce the folds.

6. Once dry, glue the polka dot pieces (solid side down) to the front and back of the base piece: gluing one side of each polka dot folded piece to the base and the other side to the adjoining polka dot piece: forming a ‘X’ shape with the base sandwiched in the middle.

7. Sandwich together the other polka dot and solid pieces.

8. Once dry, slot the smaller pieces on to the base pieces.

9. Make a small slit in the top of the oasis of the plant pot to fit the bottom of the cactus and glue into place.

10. Place in a sunny location!

Your Cricut Explore 3D Paper Cactus #cricut #explore #3d #cactus #paper #papercraft #diy

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