Yarndale 2016

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Last Weekend Ali from the Knitcraft team ventured up to Yarndale in the beautiful Yorkshire County to delve into everything Yarn related! See her review of the woolly event below.

Yarndale 2016

Prior to the Yarndale Day, I visited Skipton to see what they ‘Yarn Vibe’ was like. There was an open studio for Attic 24 too where so many enthusiasts get their projects and inspiration from so I thought it would be a worthwhile visit, of which it was.  Gorgeous crocheted creations and such an inspiring place.

y - skip attic 24 5

    I left Attic 24’s studio and went to tour, while bumping into various avid yarners we popped into a couple of shops to see how Yarndale had inspired other places. Books, Kits, Yarns, Colour was everywhere! The Sheep road sign, well that’s because I wanted to add it in being wool related. y - skip - yarn walk 1   Wondering around we then came across Yarndale Walk sign, Yarn Bomb Heaven, it was a whisk of colour amongst the autumnal feel of the dales, with lamp posts wrapped with yarn of all manners of types and created with various yarn related skills. yarndale walk 1

Looking forward to the event now!

I am a complete newbie to this Yarndale Lark. To be completely honest I had an idea in my mind that it will be in a barn with loads of yarn and workshops, alas it was so far from it, the festival is insane, it is completely over whelming ( in a very good way!) The Pens in the barn were full to the brim with Colourful Yarn, Knitters, Crocheters, Dyers, Spinners, Weavers, Felters,  all the yarn accessories you could ever wish for, Rare breeds of Sheep, Alpacas, Angora Rabbits, it was BRILLIANT! You name it and it was probably there, displayed enticingly and grabbing your attention to you and your purses as you hustle past.

As you entered the Barn you were amazed by all things created, there were crocheted granny square bunting wherever you looked.

y - bunting There were colourful wall of mandalas leading you to the Yarndale Café. y - crocheted mandalas Flowers to lead you to the Flowers for Memories. It was here at the Flowers for Memories that I bumped into Sheila again where she was exhibiting her colourful array of Crochet and Knitted floral wonders! y - sheila Following the bunting and the crowd of creators all with their Yarndale Bags we visited stands had chats and managed to get a few photos. y - bag y - autumn An absolutely lovely and crazy lady, makes and designs so much in British Wool it is unbelievable. y - belinda and me

Ali and Belinda

 The ladies from the WI – Seven Hills and the Rising Roses. A great group of northern lasses to have on call for the WI Yarn. y - wi ladies   For a little break out from the Yarndale Madness, I went outside to view some of the other yarn bombing that took place. The bollards outside were full with colour, stories, techniques and madness! Y - Sheep bollard Making my way through again, I then went into shop and mooch for myself, taking a few moments out to sit in the knit and natter lounges that they have created all over the Barn. y - knit lounge 2 The lounges were full of creators asking all the volunteers for advice, techniques and what yarn is best to use! A lot of ooohs, ahhhhs, really?!? There was an abundance of knowledge that you could get from pretty much anyone and that is why I would recommend this place to anyone who is a Yarn admirer like myself. It is full of creations, creatives and creativity! It has inspired me and I am definitely keeping this date in my calendar from now on! y bollard clouds

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