Unicorn Bag Crochet Pattern

Unicorn Bag Crochet Pattern #unicorn #bag #crochet #pattern #free #kids

We couldn’t resist the pastels and the brights of our new Rico raffia yarn, and as soon as we saw it we knew – it had to be made into a unicorn bag! Perfect for the little ones to carry their sunglasses and a cuddly toy around all summer long.

Pattern by Alison North over at KornflakeStew »

Unicorn Bag Crochet Pattern

Your little bag will be approx. 18 inches across when using the recommended yarn and hook.

You Will Need


  • Dc – double crochet
  • Htr – half treble crochet
  • Tr – treble
  • Ch – chain
  • Sl St – slip stitch
  • 2-dc inc – Increase stitch
  • Rep – repeat

Please read through the whole pattern before you begin.

Stitches and Techniques Used

Slip stitch – Insert hook in next st, yo and draw through all loops.

Double crochet – Insert hook in next st and draw up a loop (2 loops on hook), yo, draw through both loops on hook.

Magic adjustable ring – First make a loop with your yarn leaving 3? long tail. Insert hook in centre of loop made, yo and draw up loop. YO, pull through to make your first chain. (Do not count this as your first dc) Continue to crochet over the loop and the yarn tail until you have the required number of dc for your first round. For example, if the pattern calls for 6 dcs, then dc 6 times into the ring. (Insert hook into the centre of the ring and draw up loop, YO and draw through both loops.) When you’re finished, pull the tail to close the ring.

Always move your stitch marker up at the end of each row as you will be working in
continuous rounds.

Stitch count is in ( ) at the end of each row.

How to Crochet the Bag

Starting with a contrasting colour (I Used Grey)

1. 6dc in the magic circle, tighten the loop and place marker (6)

2. [ 2-dc inc ] rep (12)

3. [ dc x 1, 2-dc inc ] rep (18)

4. [ dc x 2, 2-dc inc ] rep (24)

5. [ dc x 3, 2-dc inc ] rep (30)

6. [ dc x 4, 2-dc inc ] rep (36)

7. [ dc x 5, 2-dc inc ] rep (42)

Change to main colour.

8-18. [ dc in each st around ] (42)

Sl st into the next 3 stitches and finish off. Use your hook to weave in the end.

Unicorn Bag Crochet Pattern #crochet #unicorn #raffia #yarn #summer #kids

Ears (Two)

Using your main colour yarn.

Ch 7, dc in the 2nd chain from your hook, dc in the next, htr in the next 2, tr in the next and put 5 x tr in the last ch, turning your work as you go.

You will now work up the other side of the chain mirroring the stitches you just made and working over the tail so you won’t have to weave it in.

[ tr x 1, htr x 2, dc x 2 ]

Finish off and leave a long tail.

Unicorn Bag Crochet Pattern #crochet #unicorn #raffia #yarn #summer #kids To attach the ears flatten the bag and place the ears at the top edges. Use your hook to “sew” the ears in place weaving in and out through the ears and the top row of the bag. Once secure make a knot and pull tight. Weave an inch or two of the tail along the back of the bag and cut the yarn. Unicorn Bag Crochet Pattern #crochet #unicorn #raffia #yarn #summer #kids


Using your contrasting colour ch 6 but leave a long tail before the slip knot ( you will use it later to sew the horn in place)

1. Dc in the 2nd ch and each ch across, ch 1 turn (5)

2. [dc in each ch ] ch 1, turn (5)

3. [ dc x2, skip 1, dc x 2 ] ch 1, turn (4)

4. [ dc x 1, skip 1, dc x 2 ] ch 1, turn (3)

5. [ dc x 1, skip 1, dc x 1 ] ch 1 turn (2)

6. [ dc x 2 ] ch 1, turn (2)

7. [ skip 1, dc x 1 ] ch 1, turn (1)

8 [ dc x 1 ]

Finish off and weave in end using your hook.

Unicorn Bag Crochet Pattern #crochet #unicorn #raffia #yarn #summer #kids

Use your hook to attach the horn to the front of the bag 2 rows down from the top and in the middle. Secure and weave in the end.

To make the eyes take some regular black yarn and your tapestry needle. Fold the yarn in half and thread onto your needle so that the folded end is the longer end. Insert the needle at the top of row 11 and bring through at the top of row 9 keeping hold of the folded end. Put the needle through the loop and pull tight to secure the yarn. Carry on making stitches until you are happy with the thickness of the eye. Make a double knot inside the bag and cut yarn.

Repeat for the other eye.
Unicorn Bag Crochet Pattern #crochet #unicorn #raffia #yarn #summer #kids To make the hair (using your third colour yarn) wrap the yarn around your fingers as in picture 1 below and cut along the bottom edge to make some strands. Take a strand and fold it in half. Use your hook to pull it through a stitch on the top row of your bag right next to the horn (pic2). Keep hold of the folded end and pull the tails through it to make a knot (pic 3) repeat this putting in 6 strands on each side of the horn. Unicorn Bag Crochet Pattern #crochet #unicorn #raffia #yarn #summer #kids


To make the strap use your main colour yarn and chain 52. Tr in the 3rd chain and each chain along. Finish off and leave a long tail. Attach the strap to the top row of the bag just behind the ears. Use your hook to “sew” the strap in place securely. For the other end of the strap you will need to cut a small length of yarn and use it to attach to the other side. Weave in your ends using your hook. Unicorn Bag Crochet Pattern #crochet #unicorn #raffia #yarn #summer #kids Unicorn Bag Crochet Pattern #crochet #unicorn #raffia #yarn #summer #kids

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