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Whether you’ve got a garden or not, there are plenty of ways to bring the outdoors in! Potted plants and artificial flowers make it easy to brighten up any space with beautiful floral arrangements. We have a selection of crates, buckets, jars and mache shapes and we’ll show you how to customise them to suit your summer style.

We’ve pulled together some great Summer garden ideas you can easily create using a few crafty bits and pieces…

wooden crates jar floral

Stack crates to make eye-catching displays. Combine them with glass jars filled with beautiful flowers.

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wooden crate pyrography

This crate is easy to achieve, especially when using artificial flowers! Start by decorating your crate any way you like, or leaving it plain for a natural look. Fill the bottom of the crate with floral foam blocks and slot your chosen flowers into place. Add larger plants first and finish with taller stalks.

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Glass Jar with Twine

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wooden crate

Crates make an excellent storage solution, and look great as a decorative piece!

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floral display glass bottles

Combine glass milk bottles with a wooden glass holder to to make a great looking flower display.

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For an inventive way to store and display your herbs, try this Wooden Letter Holder Box! Before you start, remember to prepare the holder with wood sealer. We used Moonlight Chalky Paint to brighten up the make and lined the inside of each partition using a black bin liner as a cheaper alternative to ground liners. Simply pot your favourite herbs and decorate with your chosen thickers.

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This divider box is perfect for potting 6 small individual flowers. Apply your wood sealer and leave to dry for a few hours. Line each holder with a black bin liner and pop in your chosen flowers. You can remove the middle of the lid like a photo frame so we chose a chalkboard design to display the word ‘grow’!

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Chalky paint creates a beautifully matte finish when painted onto ceramics, wood and many other materials.

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Create your own unique garden sign with the Hanging Wooden Door Sign and a Pyrography Tool! After you’ve decided on your message, either draw onto the wooden sign with a pencil or print off in your favourite font and trace onto the sign. Using a fine nib for the pyrography tool, carefully copy over your message. Finally, apply your wood sealer and display for all to see!

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Wooden Hanging Hearts are a great way to personalise and organise your indoors garden!

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Spray paint these mache planters for an on-trend metallic look.

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Metal buckets are a mess-free solution to planting herbs and small plants indoors. Simply paint in a colour or design of your choice (you may need to prime first, depending on the paint!) and place your chosen plant inside, without removing it from its original pot. You can stamp the name of the plant so you remember what it is!
Terracotta pots look great in almost any garden, but you can also decorate and paint them. Draw your design onto the pots using pencil and paint straight onto the pot. Any pencil not covered up by the pot can be easily rubbed out.

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An easy way to decorate your wreath is by wrapping it with a floral garland. If you notice large, empty spaces on the wreath, you can fill them with artificial moss, small flowers or other embellishments.

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These geometric lanterns make great terrariums! Fill them with plants, stones, candles, string lights and more!

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Spread artificial moss and small flowers to the back of a box frame, concentrating them at the bottom and spreading them out further up. Placing the frame on top of your design will secure everything in place, so there’s no need for glue! To finish, you can write onto the top of the glass with glass pen or paint, add letter stickers or create a design using die-cut shapes.

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Apply a protective layer to all your makes with this quick drying glue with a glossy glaze finish.

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