Three Quick and Easy Christmas Gift Tag Ideas

No matter how carefully you plan, or how organised you think you are, gift tags seem to become elusive when it comes to wrapping everything up at Christmas time. 

If you find yourself in a tight spot in the countdown to this year’s festivities do not fear, we’ve got three quick and easy Christmas gift tags that can be whipped up in next to no time! You’ll probably find you’ve already got everything you need in you craft stash…

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

Reindeer Tag 

  1. Add a red pom pom two thirds of the way down a kraft brown tag, securing with tacky glue or double-sided tape.

2. Draw antlers, eyes and a mouth using a pencil, once happy with the positioning go over the facial features with a black Sharpie.


Present Tag 

  1. Trim red cardstock to 9cm (H) x 7cm (L), place to one side.

2. Cut a 1cm (H) strip of gold mirror card and apply double-sided tape to the reverse. Remove the adhesive backing from the tape and secure vertically and horizontally to the red cardstock creating a cross.

3. To make the bow, trim a strip of gold mirror card to 1cm (H) x 12cm (L). Fold the strip in half, unfold, and then carefully curve both ends of the strip round the back of the bow to the centre fold, secure with double-sided tape. You’ve just formed the main body of the bow!

4. Trim another 1cm (H) x 3cm (L) strip of mirror card and wrap around the centre of bow, secure in place with more tape on the reverse then stick to the main body of the tag where the mirror card intersects. Leave to dry.


Tree Tag

  1. Trim a triangle from green cardstock and secure centrally to a brown kraft tag.

2. Decorate the tree with silver gems and top with a palm punched gold star.


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