Three Gift Wrap Ideas for Christmas

Experiment with different gift wrap techniques this year to brighten up the pile under the tree. Here’s three fantastic guides to help you on your way – why not experiment with our huge range of festive gift wrap, ribbons and gift tags to truly personalise your haul this year?

Top tip! Wrap each present using double sided tape so as you cannot see any tape showing on the boxes.


How to Make Reindeer Gift Wrap

1. Wrap the box in kraft brown paper. Draw and cut out two antlers then attach them at the top of the parcel allowing them to overhang the edge slightly.

2. Palm punch or die cut two ½“ circles into white cardstock then a further two ¼“ circles into black cardstock, glue these two pairs together creating eyes. Add some detail using a white gel pen.

3. Fix the eyes under the antlers and attach the large red pom pom to finish.


How to Wrap Large Silver Bow Gift

1. Wrap the large box using patterned Christmas paper, wrap twine around the middle cross over and go around in the opposite direction securing in place with a knot.

2. Use the posca pens to hand write a sentiment onto a silver glitter tag then tie the tag to the centre part of a large silver glitter bow before attaching to the centre of the parcel.

Top tip! It can look nice if you leave the twine knot with long ends so they hang out from the glitter bow.


How to Wrap Curly Rose Gold Ribbon Gift

1. Wrap the box with patterned Christmas wrap, cut a long length of gold coloured paper ribbon and use a metal edge to curl the ribbon with tight curls.

Top tip! To curl the ribbon, hold the ribbon in your left hand between you fore finger and thumb, hold a blunt knife or metal ruler in your right hand then hold the dull side of the ribbon against the edge with you right thumb.

Pull the ribbon across the edge with your left hand whilst continuing to press with your thumb.

You must ensure to do this quickly or the ribbon will not curl.

2. Once you have curled a bunch of ribbon attach a handful of strands to the box then fix a gold coloured bow on top.

3. Stamp out a sentiment on to a gold glitter tag then tie to the bow to finish.

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