3 Easy Easter Bonnet Ideas for Kids

Get your kids ready for an Easter parade with these a cute Easter bonnet that you can have fun making together. Why not get the whole family involved and have a bonnet making afternoon, all of these bonnet ideas are perfect for beginners, so there’s no excuse not to have the biggest, and best bonnet this Easter!

Projects by Tina Betts


Flower Garden Bonnet

Three Easy Easter Bonnet Ideas for the Kids #Easter #EasterBonnet #KidsCraft

You Will Need How to make
  1. Remove the centre circles of the flower foam stickers and use to cover the hat, making sure you mix up the colours a little.
  2. Next, add the centres, putting different colours together. Cut two sections of ‘grass’ from the green sheets of foam using the template and stick around the hat with tacky glue.
  3. Tie a length of pretty ribbon around the hat in a bow.
  4. Finish off with a few extra flowers to cover the ribbon and add a couple of ladybirds here and there.


Bunny Parade Bonnet

Three Easy Easter Bonnet Ideas for the Kids #Easter #EasterBonnet #KidsCraft

You Will Need How to Make
  1. Stick together one large pom-pom for a bunny body and a smaller one for the head in each colour using tacky glue.
  2. Cut out two ears and feet from pink foam for each bunny. Pinch the bottom of each ear and glue into an ear shape. Stick them and the ears in place and use tacky glue to attach the bunnies to the hat.
  3. Finish by sticking on bows, eyes, flowers and a few extra pom-poms.


Big Bird Bonnet

Three Easy Easter Bonnet Ideas for the Kids #Easter #EasterBonnet #KidsCraft

You Will Need How to Make
  1. Put blobs of tacky glue all over the hat and stick on feathers to cover it, including under the edge of the brim. Poke a couple through the hat for a tail, holding in place inside with sticky tape.
  2. Stick an eye on each pom-pom and glue them in place on the front of the hat.
  3. For the beak, cut the gold card in half diagonally to make a triangle. Fold it in half, score it and then stick it on the hat below the eyes (with glue on the corners of the triangle along the straight edge).

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