The Ultimate Slime Making Guide!

Have you always wanted to know how to make slime, but could never find the perfect recipe? Or do you simply want to find calming slime videos by experts who come up with all kinds of creative concoctions? The ultimate slime making guide is here to show you the latest in the slime making world!

We always love to see what you’ve been making, so upload your slime photos using the form at the bottom of this post, and see your slime appear in the gallery!


How to Make Slime on the Hobbycraft blog »

Always wanted to make the perfect slime but not quite sure how to get there? Follow this super simple recipe and experiment with your own colours and embellishments to make the slime of your dreams! Click through to the tutorial linked above from the Hobbycraft blog.

You Will Need How to Make Slime

1. Fill your container until it is 1/4 full of PVA glue

2. Top up with half as much water as you just filled with glue

3. Use a wooden craft stick to mix until the water is completely mixed with the glue

4. Add your colours and embellishments! Squeeze in some paint, and mix until you reach your desired colour – it doesn’t matter how much paint you add. At this point, you can also mix in any embellishments you want to add such as glitter, sequins or polystyrene balls

5. Take your contact lens solution and add 2 tablespoons to your glue mix, stirring thoroughly. You should feel the mixture thicken ever so slightly at this point as you mix, but it will look quite runny still

6. Now for the magic – add approximately 1 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda, and mix quickly and thoroughly. After a few minutes, it will start to thicken and begin coming away from the sides of the jar. When it starts to come away cleanly from the sides of the top half of the jar, it’s time to get your hands in there!

Top Tip! If your slime is not coming together, add a little more bicarbonate of soda

7. Pour the slime out into your hands or on a wipe-clean work surface. Use your hands to manipulate and massage the slime – the more you work it, the less sticky it becomes and more it sticks to itself

Top Tip! If your slime is still a bit too sticky and won’t stop sticking all over your hands, add a little more contact lense solution and massage again

8. To preserve your slime, keep inside an air tight container such as a jar or storage box



How to Make Fluffy Slime by Landee »

Fluffy slime looks mesmerising – and it’s really simple to adjust the above recipe to create your own by swapping bicarbonate of soda for shaving foam. Follow the link above to find out how it’s done!


Find inspiration from slimeoctopus on Instagram »


How to Make Pastel Slime Eggs »

Roll up your sleeves and make these super fun pastel, slime-filled eggs for an alternative take on slime play. We’ve popped dinosaurs in ours – what else could you fill the eggs with? Watch the video below to see the recipe in action!


How to Make Rainbow Explosion Slime by Mom Dot »

This recipe cleverly uses sprinkles in uncoloured slime, so you can really see the colours run in streaky rainbow patterns. Super pretty! Click the link above to see how it’s done.


Polystyrene Bean Bag Filling – available online and in store at Hobbycraft

Use polystyrene bean bag filling in your slime to make squidgy, tactile slime that’s so fun to play with!


Find inspiration from fluffee_slime on Instagram »


How to Fix Slime Fails by Fun at Home with Kids »

It’s annoying when a slime recipe doesn’t work out! It’s a tricky balance of ingredients to perfect. Asia from Fun at Home with Kids has come up with a handy guide that includes photographs so that you can easily identify the reasons why your slime isn’t quite looking as amazing as anticipated! Click above to browse.


How to Make Unicorn Poop Slime by Mom Dot »

We think anything rainbow is awesome, and this fluffy slime just begs to be turned into a colourful concoction! This recipe comes with a free downloadable file that you can print off to enjoy the recipe away from screens. Click the link above to view.


How to Make Borax-Free Slime for Sensitive Skin by Schooling a Monkey »

This slime uses only baking soda as a thickener, which means it’s a little messier than traditional slime, but it’s still a blast to play with – and you don’t have to worry about irritating sensitive skin!


Find inspiration from rad.slime on Instagram »


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