14 Cute Christmas Eve Box Ideas

Christmas Eve boxes are a Christmas make that’s here to stay! There are so many different ways to decorate and fill a Christmas Eve box, so we’ve created a handy list of the best ideas around to help get you started. Fill with fun games, sweet treats and small gifts to give your family a taste of excitement before the big day!

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How to Make a Christmas Eve Crate on the Hobbycraft blog

Create a beautiful, personalised wooden Christmas Eve box using a simple crate, a bit of red paint, some stamps, and a big wooden letter! A sturdy box that will serve to impress for years to come.


How to Style the Perfect Christmas Movie Night by The Love Cats inc.

This is a sweet idea for spending time with your loved ones before Christmas day. Why not set the scene on Christmas eve amongst the fantastic boxes you’ve created, by creating a movie night schedule on a chalkboard and displaying sweet treats in a super cute way! Read more on the blog post linked above.


Glittered Bow Box filled with treats!

Use glitter paper and glitter bows on a maché box to create an extravagant and eye-catching Christmas Eve box!


How to Make a Stenciled Pyrography Christmas Eve Box


How to Create Parcel Pressies by Laugh, Make, Nurture, Organise, Play

Preparing presents with a special delivery theme will add to the excitement on Christmas Day, and will really add to the story telling of Father Christmas!


How to Make a Shabby Chic Christmas Eve Crate

How to Make a Family Christmas Eve Crate on the Hobbycraft blog

This design is so easy you can whip it up in half an hour – just choose the kids’ favourite characters to embellish. Fill with some yummy goodies, activities and games for you to play and enjoy spending some quality time together before Father Christmas arrives.


How to Create Christmas Marshmallow Pops by Glorious Treats

These simple marshmallow pops are easy to make and are the perfect little treats for inside your Christmas Eve boxes this year! Follow the recipe in the blog post linked above to make your own.


How to Make a Stenciled Christmas Eve Box on the Hobbycraft blog

This project shows that you don’t have to fork out loads to get a ready-made, personalised Christmas Eve box – you can do it yourself with just some paints and a stencil!


Christmas Cookie Decorating Station by Wedding-Venues.co.uk

Instead of a Christmas Eve box, how about a Christmas Eve tray? Get the Kid’s making to avoid the angst of waiting for Christmas morning by creating cookies that they can eat themselves and save for…Father Christmas!


How to Make a Santa Christmas Eve Box for Kids on the Hobbycraft blog

This festive Christmas Eve box will get children cheering with excitement before Christmas. The projects in the box make for some lovely projects for children to complete in the run up to Christmas!

Hot Chocolate bar!

Use jars, a trough, and a blackboard to make this super chic and festive hot chocolate bar.


How to Make a Pyrography Christmas Eve Box on the Hobbycraft blog

This technique uses a special tool to burn your design into the wood – which means you can personalise it to the max, using your favourite fonts and images!


DIY Bailey’s Hot Chocolate Mason Jar

Something for the adults in preparation for the big day – why not make these simple jars filled with hot chocolate powder and mini marshmallows. Top off with a piece of twine and a mini bottle of Bailey’s for the perfect Christmas Eve Brew. This is a good one to give to friends and relatives!


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