Ten Top Tips for Icing Cupcakes

Ten Top Tips for Icing Cupcakes #baking #cake #decorating #tips

As a baker, I know that cupcake decorating can be harder than it looks sometimes. But never fear, you can become a pro too, with a little help from these fab guides and a bit of practice!

Ten Top Tips for Icing Cupcakes #cupcakeicing #wilton #cupcakes

Rose, Swirl and Ruffle

Three very easy ways to ice cupcakes; rose, swirl and ruffle. Best of all, all you need to achieve the ombre effect is this Color Swirl from Wilton »

Round Tip Swirl

Your homemade cupcakes will be even more tempting when you add a pretty peak of icing on top! This tutorial uses Wilton tip 2A », but any large round tip will work.

Ten Top Tips for Icing Cupcakes #cupcakeicing #wilton #cupcakes

Covering Cupcakes with a Round Tip Swirl by Wilton »

Rosette Piping

The rosette has the tight, swirling look of a rose, but is achieved in one continuous rotation, rather than with wrapped layers of petals. This look has been created with Wilton Tip no.16 »

piping a rosette

Rosette Piping by Wilton »

Ribbon Rose Icing

If you’ve mastered the basic steps of cupcake decorating above, have a go at this slightly more advanced ribbon rose using two tips; no.104 Petal Decorating Tip » and no.12 Round Decorating Tip »

ribbon roses

Ribbon Rose Icing by Wilton »

Shell Piping

The Shell is the most popular icing technique of all. It’s the basis for many borders and more, using the Wilton no.21 Open Star Decorating Tip »

shell piping

Shell Piping by Wilton »

Zigzag Piping

The Zigzag is a popular way to fill in outlined areas, perfect for ribbed sweater and cuff effects. You can also use tight zigzags to cover the entire side of your cake—they look great! Use Wilton Tip no.16 »

zigzag icing

Zigzag Piping by Wilton »

Tri-level Rosebud Cupcake

This fantasy flower covers your cupcakes with amazing texture. Build petals in groups of three vertical petals to create an elongated multi-layered blossom. Use a Wilton no.150 Petal Decorating Tip »

rosebud icing on cupcake

Tri-Level Rosebud Cupcake by Wilton »

Bachelor Button Icing

The handsome Bachelor Button uses two different Round Decorating Tips; Numbers 1 and 5 » and Open Star Tip no.16 » It’s an excellent choice on cakes for men and in summer floral arrangements. They also look terrific in blue, white, pink or lavender!

bachelor button cupcake

Bachelor Button Icing by Wilton »

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