Sugar Skull Face Paint Tutorial

Sugar Skull Face Paint Tutorial #SugarSkull #Halloween

Halloween is tantalizingly close! If you’re still deciding on which costume to wear, this sugar skull face paint tutorial is perfect if you live a bit of glitz, glam and sparkle! Plus, it’s easy and quick enough to be perfect for the little terrors too.

Video presented and made by Isabel Crossman from Face My Paint. With thanks to James Harding.

Sugar Skull Face Paint Tutorial

You Will Need

How to Make

  1. Using a sponge and the pale blue, paint a blue circle around each eye. You can go over this with a paintbrush to neaten up the edges.
  2. Next, sponge the white all over the face.
  3. Taking the cotton buds and the black, dot the paint around the edge of the blue circles.
  4. With the fuchsia pink and a medium sized brush, paint petal shapes around the eye, coming out from the black dots.
  5. Still using the fuchsia pink, paint the lips in and add a swirly line going along the cheekbone.
  6. Using the bright yellow paint small yellow dots on the inside of the blue circles around the eye. Then paint a triangle on the chin.
  7. Still with the bright yellow, paint three petal shapes coming down from the forehead.
  8. Use the sparkle colour salmon pink to highlight the petals around the eye and on the forehead.
  9. Take the black and draw a line from the corners of the mouth, up the cheeks. Then crosshatch small lines over the lips to create the skeleton mouth.
  10. To create the skeleton nose, paint two black triangles next to each other, following the shape of the nose.
  11. With the pale blue, add decoration by painting swirls onto the chin, and petal shapes on the cheeks.
  12. Then use the bright yellow, fuchsia pink and pale blue to add dots for simple and effective extra detailing to the design.
  13. Finally – glitter!! Use your finger or a brush to add sparkle to any areas you want to enhance (for example the dots and petals around the eyes and the triangle on the chin).

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