How to Make a Rabbit Flower Pom Easter Bonnet

Easter Bonnet Ideas

Easter bonnets are an essential make for all children (and adults!) at Easter. There aren’t really any rules which is great, so you can let your imagination run riot. I can’t stop making tissue pom poms and couldn’t resist putting them on one Easter bonnet . . .

Rabbit Flower Pom Easter Bonnet

Allow : One to two hours
Skill level : Beginner

What you Need

How to Make

  1. Start by covering the brim of your bonnet with raffia, using a glue gun to secure in place.
  2. To make the felt rabbit ears cut two ear shapes out of white felt using pinking shears, make sure to cut both a front and a back for each ear shape.
  3. Next cut two slightly smaller ear shapes out of the pink felt using pinking shears (this will form the inner part of the ear). Pin and stitch these in place on top of the corresponding front white felt ear shape.
  4. Pin both the front and back of the ear together and stitch around both curved sides, leaving the bottom of the ear un-stitched and open.
  5. Stuff each ear with scraps of fabric, or if you don’t have any, toy stuffing is a great alternative. Use the rubber end of a pencil or a clean paintbrush, and push the stuffing right to the tip of the ear. Once both ears are sufficiently stuffed, stitch together the open ends.
  6. Attach the ears to your bonnet using a hot glue gun – take extra care here.
  7. To make the flower poms you will need approximately eight rectangular sheets of tissue paper layered on top of each other (you can add in more tissue paper layers if you want a fuller pom). The size of the flower pom is your choice, ours were made using a 19.5 cm x 25 cm rectangle.
  8. Concertina fold the sheets together making each fold approximately 1.5 cm wide and continue until the whole sheet has been folded. Round the ends by trimming the tissue paper with scissors.
  9. Cut a 30 cm length of embroidery floss then securely wrap and tie around the centre of the folded tissue paper.
  10. Start separating the individual layers of tissue paper from the centre, making sure to separate an equal amount of tissue paper to both the front and back of the pom. If you separate all the sheets to the front of the pom you will have an uneven finish.
  11. Once you have separated all of the sheets of tissue paper find the ends of the embroidery floss used in step nine, trim so that they sit inside the layers of tissue paper.
  12. Make enough poms to go around the brim of your bonnet (we made eight in total). Secure in place with a glue gun.

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