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Project Life is a great way to document your life over the course of a year. The concept is to fill divided page protectors with photos and journaling to give an overview of a week in a double spread. A great idea if you are into papercrafting and taking photos, especially in today’s era when we take lots of photos with our phones because we always have them to hand, but rarely print them out.

Project Life gives you a reason to print out the important ones and document what you did, but in a simpler more concise form than traditional scrapbook layouts. The scrapbooker in me likes to embellish the smaller inserts, but you don’t have to, you can keep it as simple as you like. There are many kits to choose from; different styles and occasions, large core kits that contain enough to document a whole year and smaller value or themed kits for special occasions and events.

I’ve been doing Project Life since 2012 and I still love it, it’s really lovely to look back through the years and see what we did and who we’ve changed.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make
  1. Choose your album and design of page protectors, you can swap from spread to spread.

2. Print your chosen photos for your weekly spread.

3. Select Project Life insert cards which go well with your photos and stories. Note – you don’t need to fill each pocket with an insert, a 4 x 6” photo would be perfect for making the process simpler.

4. Adhere your photos to the insert cards.

5. Add embellishments to your inserts cards.

6. Add your journaling, either in handwritten or typed, and date each insert.

  1. Date your weekly header card and if you wish you can add a week number.

  1. Place the completed inserts into the pockets and admire your work!

Top tips! 

  • Project Life can be completed with weekly spreads or monthly spreads. Choose what works for you and your available scrapping time. A notebook is a useful item to keep track of events you might want to document in your album as you go through the week.
  • You can use foam pads under embellishments if you wish, however using flat adhesive like a tape runner, liquid glue or double sided tape will be less bulky and you’ll be able to fit more spreads into your album.

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