Proggy for Beginners

Proggy for Beginners #Proggy #RagRugging

Proggy is a modern twist on the traditional craft of rag rugging, taking simple techniques and combing them with modern materials and 3D design to create a craft that’s easy to pick up and impossible to put down.

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Preparing Your Fabric

Proggy for Beginners #Proggy #RagRugging

Traditionally the size for a Proggy strip was measured by the edge of a match box this is around 1.5cm (1/2 inch) wide by 5cm (2 inches) long. The easiest way to create the pieces is to cut your fabric into long strips 1.5cm (1/2 inch) wide then fold them back and forth like a concertina each length being 5cm (2 inches) long, then snip through the ends to create your working strips.

How to Proggy

There’s a basic technique you’ll need to get the hang of and once you have that you’ll be able to make almost anything.

Proggy for Beginners #Proggy #RagRugging

Push a hole in the hessian using the tool

Proggy for Beginners #Proggy #RagRugging

Push one half of the fabric strip through

Proggy for Beginners #Proggy #RagRugging

Make a second hole three strands of hessian away from the first

Proggy for Beginners #Proggy #RagRugging

Push the other half of the fabric strip through

It’s as simple as that!

To secure the edges and corners to stop the hessian from fraying fold over the hessian and work through both layers using the same technique.

Proggy for Beginners #Proggy #RagRugging

Hints and Tips
  • Always work from the back of your project
  • Draw your design on to your to the hessian using marker pen, remember to reverse the design especially if it has lettering.
  • To transfer your design on to hessian place it underneath the hessian and trace it on to the hessian.
  • Always take care of the corners and edges of your project first before starting on the main design. This will stop the edges from fraying and make your work much more resilient to handling.
  • Once your Proggy project is complete, don’t be scared to take the scissors and trim down any longer straggly pieces.
  • If you are working with a fabric which is likely to fray it’s better to work with larger strips and if your fabric is lighter weight than the fleece supplied in the kits you will need to work more closely together 1-2 strands apart
  • It’s a great craft for all ages with no fiddly tools it’s perfect for children and those with mobility issues.
  • All of the Proggy craft kits come with full pictorial instructions to help, are machine washable and use fleece fabrics which are anti-allergy and don’t fray to reduce mess.

Proggy for Beginners #Proggy #RagRuggingSusie The Baby Penguin »

Proggy for Beginners #Proggy #RagRugging

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