How to Make a Heart Memory Frame

This heart memory frame would make a great gift for a loved one. All manner of items can be used to create the heart shape from memorable photos to ticket stubs you’ve collected from events.

How to Make a Heart Memory Frame

Suitable for: Beginners

You will need

How to make

  1. Remove the white mountboard from the frame and assemble your collection of mementos, without gluing, until they resemble a heart shape in the centre of the board.
  2. When you are pleased with the layout, start to glue into position. Use a combination of glue for some pictures and sticky foam pads for others for added dimension.
  3. Add the three-dimensional items (such as seashells and buttons) last, then leave the picture flat to dry, preferably overnight.
  4. Assemble the frame and tape the backboard in place.

How to Make a Heart Memory Frame #Valentines

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