Wise Owl Phone Sock Knitting Pattern

Wise Owl Phone Sock from 20 to Make Knitted Phone Sox

20 to make Knitted Phone Sox by Susan CordesThis super cute, and easy to make wise owl phone sock is a great starter project for those who haven’t been knitting long.

Owls are everywhere at the moment, from cushion covers to door stops there is nothing you can’t either make into an owl shape or  embellish one onto, and this phone sock would make a great gift for any owl lover out there!

All imagery and text courtesy of Twenty to Make Knitted Phone Sox by Susan Cordes published by Search Press Ltd

Wise Owl Phone Sock Knitting Pattern

Skill level: Beginner

Abbreviations used

  • st st = Stocking Stitch
  • sts = Stitches
  • K = Knit

You Will Need


How to Make

Using four millimetre (UK eight; US six) knitting needles, cast on 32 sts in beige using the finger or thumb method.

Row 1: Slip first stitch then purl to end.

Row 2: knit.

Next rows: Work in st st, starting with a purl row, until work measures 4 centimetres (1½ inch).

Next row: With right side facing, k6, join in dark brown yarn, k4 (twist yarns loosely across back to prevent holes), knit to end in beige yarn.

Next rows: Continue with this colour pattern in st st until work measures 10 centimetre (4 inch).

Cast off 16 sts.

Next rows: Work st st on the remaining sts until work measures 16 centimetres (6¼ inch) from cast-on edge.

Cast off loosely.

Making Up

Join the seams using mattress stitch.

Attach a press stud (snap fastener) using a needle and thread, then cut out a triangle from the dark brown felt for the beak. Attach it using the needle and thread.

Make an eye by cutting out a pair of 2.5 centimetre felt circles and filling them with toy stuffing.

Place the eye on the owl’s face and stitch it in place using buttonhole stitch and brown thread. Place a button in the centre of the eye and stitch it on. Add a second eye in the same way.

Cut several eight centimetre lengths of yarn and tie them into the sides of the owl’s head as ear tufts to finish.

Wise Owl Phone Sock from 20 to Make Knitted Phone Sox

Knitting Note

Buttonhole stitch is similar to blanket stitch (although not the same) – it catches a loop of the thread on the surface of your work, then the needle is pushed back through the piece at a right angle. The stitch should look like an ‘L’. Always keep even spaces between stitches.

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