Patchwork Decoupage Dog

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How cute is this patchwork decoupage dog? The great thing with these pre-made toy bases is that you can add as much or as little detail as you like. If you’re hand sewing skills aren’t quite up to scratch you could alternatively use a fusible hemming web (such as Bondaweb), where all you need is an iron. You can then finish of the edges of the raw fabric as you like.

You Will Need Craft Essentials
How to Make
  1. First draw a star shape onto the card. This can be any size you like, but try not to make it too big.
  2. Next cut some scraps of fabric and iron the hemming web onto to wrong side of the fabric. Make sure you iron the paper side of the hemming web otherwise this will make a terrible mess of your iron.
  3. When you have ironed on the hemming web, draw around your star stencil you created on the paper side of the fabric. Take your star to the sewing machine, set the stitch to a close small zigzag and then carefully stitch around the lines of the star you have drawn. Then cut around the star and you will have a perfect appliqué star. Repeat this until you have the desired number of stars for your dog.
  4. Next, take your stars and peel off the paper backing to reveal the glue, and arrange them on your dog and then pin them into place.
  5. Take your iron and carefully iron over each star to adhere them to your dog. You will need to take a few seconds on each one. To check they are firmly stuck, gently pick them. If they are not secure reapply the iron. N.B. Remember to keep your fingers well away from the hot iron base!
  6. I used a couple of stars for the eyes and then finished them off with some buttons, however you could put one on the nose, it’s completely up to you!
Patchwork Decoupage Dog

Position the star in place . . .

Patchwork Decoupage Dog

. . . with a hot iron go over the star to secure it in place, be careful of fingers!

Top Tip!

Remember, you don’t have to use stars it can be an shape you like, have fun with your cute patchwork decoupage dog project!

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