Paper Mache Nameplates

Decorated Mache Names

Kids love to get crafty and these bright paper mache nameplates could help keep them amused for up to an hour. Plus, it’s a great first project for beginners. For this penny-pinching project, all you need is a mache shape, acrylic paint, soft brush and animal shapes. To make the decorated letters, simply paint plain mache shapes with the acrylic paint and attach some animal shapes – for a personalised sign that will cheer up any room in your home.

You Will Need How to Make
  1. Give the letters a coat of acrylic paint and leave to dry.
  2. Punch some circles and hearts from the patterned paper and either glue into place or use double sided sticky tape. Bend the circles and hearts around the corners of the letter shapes as you go.
  3. Glue the animal shapes into place and leave to dry completely before standing each letter upright.

Paper Mache Nameplates

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