Origami Tulip Tutorial

Folksy LogoMake your Mother’s Day with a beautiful origami tulip, complete with gift tag (or you could even try making an entire bunch!). In just nine steps and with brightly coloured origami papers, some PVA glue and a stem you can make your mum a treasure that will last much longer than the real thing. Tutorial by Silvia Pollard from Lily Belle Keepsakes on Folksy

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Step One

Origami Tulip Tutorial - Step 1Lay the paper flat and fold it over itself in half. Turn it around and repeat this process until you have square creases. Once completed, turn the paper over on to the other side and lay flat.

Step Two

Origami Tulip Tutorial - Step 2Fold the paper over itself diagonally until you have triangular creases. The paper will ‘sit up’ at this point and you’ll be able to pinch it and fold it into itself into a triangle.

Step Three

Origami Tulip Tutorial - Step 3Take the bottom right corner flap and fold it over itself against to the top of the triangle point. Repeat this on the left side flap. Turn the paper over and repeat this process on the opposite side. Once done, the paper will be in the shape of a square.

Step Four

Origami Tulip Tutorial - Step 4Take the left folded flap and fold it over to the right. Turn the paper to the opposite side and repeat the process.

Step Five

Origami Tulip Tutorial - Step 5Fold the right side flap into the centre lightly. Repeat this with the left hand side flap. Turn the paper over and repeat this process.

Step Six

Origami Tulip Tutorial - Step 6Now take one flap and insert it slightly into the crevice of the other flap. Repeat this on the opposite side.

Step Seven

Origami Tulip Tutorial - Step 7Pinch both sides which have been inserted within each other and turn the paper upside down. You will see a small opening. Pull very gently, while pinching the sides, and blow some air into the opening. This will inflate the model and give you the base of the flower of the tulip.

Step Eight

Origami Tulip Tutorial - Step 8Carefully peel the folds over themselves (a bit like opening a banana) to produce the petals. Do this on the remaining three folds. Once done, you’ll have your tulip head! Now just apply some PVA into and around the opening of the tulip and insert the skewer or stem, and leave it to dry.

Step Nine

Origami Tulip Tutorial - Step 9Once it’s dry, you can add a ribbon and gift tag and you are finished! Or if you’ve caught the origami bug, keep making more and tie them together with string or a ribbon to make a beautiful paper tulip bouquet!

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