Minion Hat Crochet Pattern

Minion Hat Crochet Pattern #crochet #free #pattern #minions

Check out this fantastic minion hat crochet pattern from the winner of our Women’s Institute (WI) yarn competition! Last year, we asked readers of WI Life Magazine to submit their yarn makes for the chance to win their height in yarn! June Adamson, a WI member with the Rainham Afternoon Kent group, was the lucky winner. Her fun and friendly minion hat caught our judges eye – and now you can make your own too!

Minion Hat Crochet Pattern

You Will Need

Craft Essentials

Standard UK crochet abbreviations apply.

Tension : 15 stitches (sts) and nine and a half rows to four inches /ten centimetres approximate over treble crochet stitch.

Fits a child about ten years old or small adult.

Circumference – 18 ins/46 cms approx.

The main part of the hat is worked in treble crochet, with 3 chain to start the row or round. This counts as 1treble. At the end of a row or round, work final treble into top of the 3 chain.

Start Hat at Brim

  1. With yellow and no 4 hook, make 65 ch.
  2. Foundation row: 1 dc into 2nd ch from hook, dc to end 64 sts.
  3. Work 6 rows in tr. Fasten off yellow. Join in brown.
  4. Work 2 rows in tr. Fasten off brown and rejoin the yellow.
  5. Work 1 row in tr, turning with 3 chain

Decrease Rows for crown

  1. 3 ch, tr 5, tr 2tog, * tr 6, tr 2 tog. Repeat from * to end. 56 sts
  2. 3 ch tr 4, tr 2 tog, * tr 5, tr 2 tog. Repeat from * to end. 48 sts
  3. 3 ch, tr 3, tr 2 tog, * tr 4, tr 2 tog. Repeat from * to end. 40 sts
  4. 3 ch, tr 2, tr 2 tog, * tr3, tr 2 tog. Repeat from * to end. 32 sts
  5. 3 ch, tr 2, tr2 tog, * tr 2, tr 2 tog. Repeat from * to end. 24 sts
  6. 3 ch, tr 2 tog to last st, 1 tr – 13 sts.

Fasten off leaving a tail to thread through these 13 stitches, draw up for crown of hat. Join seam, sewing in ends of yarn

Ear Flaps

(Make two)

  1. On lower edge of hat, count 10 sts from seam edge.
  2. Row 1: 3 ch into 11th st from seam edge, 1 tr into each of next 11 sts. 12 sts Turn.
  3. Row 2: 3 ch, tr 2 tog, tr 6, tr 2 tog, tr 1, turn. 10 sts
  4. Row 3: 3 ch, tr 2 tog, tr 4, tr 2 tog, tr 1. 8 sts
  5. Row 4, 3 ch, tr 2 tog, tr 2, tr 2 tog, tr 1. 6 sts. Fasten off. Sew ends in.
  6. Turn hat and repeat for second ear flap.


(Make two)

With brown and No 4 hook, make a magic circle, or chain 4 and join into circle. 3 ch, 11 tr into middle. Join to 3 ch and fasten off brown. With white, join yarn to any st. Ch 3, 1 tr into same place as ch, 2 tr into each st to end. Join to top of 3 ch and fasten off white. Join blue to any st and work edging as follows, making sure the circle lies flat. 1dc into each of next 2 st, 1 ch. Repeat to end. Fasten off blue leaving enough yarn to attach goggles to hat. Sew in brown and white ends.


Turn hat to right side and work one row of dc, in blue on the lower edge. Work 2 dc into trs on sides of ear flaps and ease the corners of the ear flaps by working 2 or even 3 dc as needed. Sew in ends.


Sew goggles to front of brown band. Stitch a crooked smiley mouth in brown on the yellow strip under the goggles. Attach small tufts of brown to crown for hair.

Using blue, make 2 braids. For each, cut 12 strands, 28 inches long and thread one set through the bottom of each ear flap. Braid firmly and tie end in simple knot. Cut to neaten.

Minion Hat Crochet Pattern #crochet #free #pattern #minions

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