Meet the Maker: Crocheter Victoria Stickler

With a love for all things rainbow, Victoria is never far away from something fun and colourful. She loves to crochet among other crafts and has created an amazing travel pillow for you to make. Check it out here 


How did you first get into crochet?


My Mum taught me to make granny squares when I was little, but the squeaky acrylic yarns of the late 80s were pretty uninspiring, so I didn’t go any further than that until I was 24 and moved in to my first home in Dorset.  I started to see all of these gorgeous crochet blankets online, and so one rainy weekend I bought a hook and a ball of yarn, borrowed a book from the library, and re-taught myself to make granny squares.  I worked my way through the library’s collection of crochet books learning all the different stitches and making some slightly wonky projects!  I can’t quite believe that was nearly ten years ago!

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What’s your favourite thing to make?


My favourite thing to make is anything that I can use or wear regularly because then I can get enjoyment from it every day, so scarves are a particular favourite and a great way to make the most out of pretty yarn.  I also really enjoy amigurumi projects, anything small and cute is a winner with me!
How many projects do you have at the moment?


Now that would be telling!  If we ignore the big pile of WIPs that is currently sat in the spare room feeling neglected…  then I tend to have one crochet and one stitchy project on the go at any one time.  I like to have at least one small portable project that I can take to work and fit in a bit of creative time during my lunch break.  I can often be found eating my lunch in a corner of the office surrounded by brightly coloured yarn or thread, much to the amusement of my colleagues!  I also have a year-long blanket project on the go, its year-long because I get too easily distracted by other things so it takes me that long to finish!

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What other crafts are you into?


I love all kinds of textile crafts, I got a spinning wheel at the start of the year and am slowly learning to spin my own yarn.  I recently got back in to cross stitch, particularly small cute projects that I can make in a few days and display in painted wooden embroidery hoops.  I am also discovering the joys of screenprinting and neon inks, which I don’t know how I lived without!
What’s your favourite thing you have made?


I recently made some little rainbow amigurumi’s and sent them out to some lovely Instagram friends.  There is nothing like the warm fuzzy feelings you get making a gift for someone else and I got so much joy out of making a small army of rainbows and sending them out in to the world!  It reminded me how much I love to make things just for fun.
Where do you find your inspiration?


The creative community on Instagram is an amazing place and every day I see about a thousand things to add to my project wish list or shopping list!  I also have a small but precious collection of Japanese crochet books which are a huge source of colourful inspiration.  I am lucky to live in a very beautiful corner of the world and you can see the sea from almost every room of my house so the changing weather and seasons are a big inspiration too.
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What is next for you?


I am an Open College of the Arts student, studying textiles and printmaking in my spare time and I have nearly finished my first year of theory work so very soon I can start on the much more fun practical modules!  One day I would love to have more time for the creative part of my life but until then I will spend my lunchbreaks in my own little world of rainbow yarns and threads! 


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