Meet the Maker: Suzie Candlin from Cricut

Meet the Maker: Suzie Candlin from Cricut #meet #maker #cricut #papercraft

Cricut fans, let me introduce you to our expert, Suzie Candlin. She works at Cricut and is a constant wealth of ideas and creativity for how to make the most out of your machine! Discover more about her ahead of her Papercraft Live demonstration »

Describe yourself in five words

Inspirational; creative; passionate; empathetic; meticulous

Describe your crafting style

I mix it up a lot! I create clean, modern minimalist projects, but I also love altered art and upcycling. Being able to combine lots of techniques, media and elements into one project I find inspiring. I love a design challenge too!

How did you get into crafting?

I have always done some form of crafting, but it became my full-time career once I returned to work from bringing up my family. I made inspiration boards for a local craft shop, then became a tutor and demonstrator in a wide range of crafts.

Meet the Maker: Suzie Candlin from Cricut #meet #maker #cricut #papercraft

What was the first thing you made?

It was probably a project at infant school! The one that I can remember vividly was a ‘Jack and Jill’ outfit to celebrate the Queen’s Silver Jubilee! I altered a pair of dungarees and a dress (for my sister) by sewing lots of hand painted Union Jack flags all over it. We came second I think!

Have you had any crafting disasters?

Not really. If a project doesn’t work out as originally planned, I tweak the design and create something different. I am quite a lateral thinker and see it as a challenge!

Where do you get your inspiration?

Absolutely everywhere! I read a lot of magazines; look at the High Street trends; blogs and social media. I also look at the world around me: buildings, furniture, nature.

Meet the Maker: Suzie Candlin from Cricut #meet #maker #cricut #papercraft

Give us a tour of your workspace

I have a workroom that has filing cabinets, drawers, racking systems, shelving, storage bins, boxes and jars! I am organized so everything has a specific place and is either in a colour or alphabetical order!
I have two desks; one is the crafting assembly area; the other is for the machines and my laptop and iPad. When I am working on new projects, the workroom becomes an organized den of chaos, but it soon clears again ready to start the next creation!

It doesn’t help that I am a hoarder of anything I think might become a project: I keep a list of these and try to use them.

Are there any projects you are particularly proud of?

Meet the Maker: Suzie Candlin from Cricut #meet #maker #cricut #papercraft

The Spring Flower Garlands (used at the Hobbycraft Press Show); the Pink Hats I created for Wear A Hat Day; my altered Alice in Wonderland house; butterfly dress; quotation wellies; flower tower.

What upcoming trends do you think we should be looking out for?

There is a revival of crafts and techniques; knitting, crochet, sewing and stamping are all becoming popular. What is different is the experimentation that is happening: crafters are trying to use different media and combine techniques for a modern twist. This is enhanced and assisted with machines like the Cricut Explore Air which can cut over 100 different types of resource, giving great creative scope for projects for any level of crafter.

Geometric and check designs are strong trends and lend themselves to all crafts and upcycling projects. Minimalist delicate patterns or intricate cuts are being used as accents.
In the current economic environment, crafters are looking at what they already own and trying to incorporate them into designs, as well as look to new ways to use their equipment. Upcycling / revamping will remain popular as crafters turn clothing into home décor items or alter a beloved piece of furniture to match a new colour scheme or style.

Meet the Maker: Suzie Candlin from Cricut #meet #maker #cricut #papercraft

You’re going to be demonstrating in our Papercraft Live event. What are you most excited about with this event?

Being able to share ideas and tips with so many people, as well as creating a great project suitable for all celebrations using the Cricut Explore Air/Air 2.

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