Meet the Maker: Papercraft Designer Maggie Holmes

Meet the Maker: Maggie Holmes #meet #maker #maggie #holmes #papercraft #interview

With an amazing range of new American Crafts papercraft products landing in store for our Papercraft Live event this month, we simply had to catch up with top papercraft designer, Maggie Holmes! With collections full of colour and texture, we wanted to know more about the woman behind it and how she got into her craft…

Describe your creative style

My creative style has always been sort of eclectic. I love vintage elements, but I also love mixing in things that are very current and on trend. I also love color, especially pink, yellow and blues!

How did you first get into craft?

I have always loved working with my hands and being creative. As a little girl I asked my mom to teach me how to sew and then I started making hair accessories, clothing for my dolls and anything else I could dream up to make!

Meet the Maker: Maggie Holmes #meet #maker #maggie #holmes #papercraft #interview

Where do you find inspiration for your collections?

I find inspiration pretty much everywhere and my mind is always spinning with ideas or thinking of ways to incorporate my love of photography, fashion and home decor into my paper crafting supplies and projects.

Which piece of work are you most proud of and why?

That’s a hard one! I don’t know that I can pick one thing. I love pushing myself with each new collection and with each new thing I create. Any time I create a layout or mini album that my kids love to look at, I feel pretty happy and it’s fulfilling to know that they enjoy the things I am making for them!

Meet the Maker: Maggie Holmes #meet #maker #maggie #holmes #papercraft #interview

Have you had any crafting disasters along the way?

Yes of course! That’s part of the beauty of the journey! I have made some “happy” mistakes, which I call happy because they turned into something entirely different but completely beautiful in the end. I’ve also tried things that were amazing in my head but just didn’t translate once I made them, so they ended up in the trash!

Which 3 items from your craft stash could you not live without?

Patterned Paper especially florals, Ribbon, and Ephemera.

Meet the Maker: Maggie Holmes #meet #maker #maggie #holmes #papercraft #interview

Are there any craft trends you’re really excited about or expect to see this year?

I am excited to see that planners and journaling are still going strong. It feels like such a great way for people who aren’t traditional scrapbookers to find their way into the scrapbooking world. I have always loved keeping journals and even when I was little I would also include photos and mementos in my diaries. So it’s a natural fit for those that keep a planner or a journal to give “scrapbooking” a try, in a way that feels authentic and easy for them to keep up with.

Which crafters or designers inspire you?

There are seriously too many to list! I love instagram for that reason — because I can search the #maggieholmes and see what everyone is creating with my products and I’m always so inspired by the amazing things people come up with!! I’m also super inspired by my design team girls of course! They are super talented and I feel lucky to work with them!

Meet the Maker: Maggie Holmes #meet #maker #maggie #holmes #papercraft #interview

What are your passions outside of crafting?

My family is my biggest passion so that’s number one for sure! After that, I love anything that allows me to be creative – photography, decorating, sewing, making cakes and planning fun parties for my kids.

Do you have any hints or tips for people thinking about starting their own business?

Be yourself! There’s enough success to go around and I find that when you are true to yourself, people really love to cheer you on and support you. It can be easy to get discouraged and think that the world doesn’t need another photographer, another artist, another blogger, etc. But in all reality there’s a whole LOT of people out there that would love to see what you have to offer. When you give it your own personality and offer something unique and YOU, people will care and they will show up to support!


Top Tips from Maggie

  1. You can use your scrapbooking supplies for all sorts of paper crafts – party decor, gift wrapping, luggage tags, home decor, etc! Don’t be afraid to stretch your supplies and think outside the box!

Meet the Maker: Maggie Holmes #meet #maker #maggie #holmes #papercraft #interview

  1. Mini albums are such a great solution for when you have a lot of photos from one event, like a birthday party, a family photo shoot or a holiday. It’s a great way to get all of those photos into a cute little book that can be enjoyed by everyone!

Meet the Maker: Maggie Holmes #meet #maker #maggie #holmes #papercraft #interview

  1. Try new things!! The only way to stretch and grow creatively is to try new things! It’s fun to experiment and play around with different techniques like painting, incorporating fabric into your crafts, etc. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to being creative and finding your style!

Meet the Maker: Maggie Holmes #meet #maker #maggie #holmes #papercraft #interview

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