Meet the Maker: Crocheter Julie Rose

Julie Rose loves to create crochet items and can always be found working on something crafty. She recently designed a beach bag for us that you can find here. 

How did you first get into crocheting?

At first all I wanted to learn with crochet was how to make flowers!  I loved to crochet flowers especially with my handmade t-shirt yarn.  I made lots of necklaces with crochet flowers for my Etsy shop MeiGuiDesigns.  That was a few years ago.  Then last winter a friend asked me to take a knitting class with her.  It was lots of fun but as I got further into knitting I got more and more frustrated.  At that point, I retired the needles and picked the hook back up and haven’t put it down since.  I got loads of books from the library and spent hours looking at YouTube tutorials trying to learn everything that I could.  So, I have only seriously been crocheting for about a year now.  I can honestly say that I’m hooked!


What’s your favourite thing to make?

I have lots of favorites actually but one of them would have to be the long skinny knotted fiber scarves that I sell in my Etsy shop.  I use all kinds of yummy yarns that I crochet together, sari silk, t-shirt yarn and even blue jean yarn that I make myself.  I love putting all the colors and textures together and the boho look that is portrayed in my scarves. Upcycling and refashioning clothing is really fun too and I also love to make dreamcatchers and anything with granny squares!

scarf2 scarves

How many projects do you have at the moment?

Oh my goodness.  Lots!  When I first started to crochet I thought I had to finish one project before starting another.  Well, I don’t think that way at all anymore.  I love having lots of projects going at the same time.  It’s much more fun and never gets boring.  Ideas are always rolling around in my head too!!


What other crafts are you into?

I really enjoy making beaded and hand stamped jewelry.  I especially love stamping on pewter.  It has such a rustic organic look that appeals to me.  Stamping jewelry allows me to make something that is personal and meaningful to the wearer and that feels really good to me.  My other craft passion is painting furniture.  I’ve been known to take something broken and ugly and turn it into something colorful and alive. I’ve painted cabinets, dressers, tables, chairs, trunks, frames, shelves. I love the distressed and somewhat beat up look.  My house if full of painted furniture!


What’s your favorite thing you have made?

One of my favorites would have to be my granny square shrug.  It is so warm and comfy and it’s like wearing your favorite blanket.  I just happened to have the perfect buttons for it and all just came together so effortlessly.   I have a dreamcatcher that is also one of my favorites. I crocheted with twine for the center flower and then added a mix of so many different yarns and then finally some soft sweet feathers.  It is so colorful and soothing to look at!



Where do you find your inspiration?

I think much of my inspiration comes from my mom.  She was so crafty and could do anything.  She sewed, knitted, crocheted, tatted, embroidered, painted and much more.  She passed away about 14 years ago but the natural progression would have been for us to be crafting together at this point in life so I feel like she is watching over me closely as I work and that she is enjoying it with me.  Also, I am crazy for color. Lots of color just makes me happy.  I am a 70’s girl too so I love that retro flair of the 70’s.  I adore boho and vintage styles with lots of color.  My house is full of color and I tend to use a lot of bright colors in my crochet.



What is next for you?

I’m really just getting started so I have so much I want to do.  I’ve been wanting to have a go at dying my own yarn. I love tie dye so much (that 70’s thing I was talking about) and so I would like to explore that a little bit.  I’m also wanting to do more crochet design and pattern writing, possibly start a blog although I’m not crazy about working at a computer.  I’m trying to get more connected locally with other crochet artists and anyone who is interested in crochet.  We have a little coffee and crochet group that just recently started meeting.  I think teaching crochet would be something I would love to do as well. 



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