Meet the Maker: Crochet Artist Emma of Steel and Stitch

Emma from Steel and Stitch is amazing at crochet and her designs are modern and unique. She has created a design especially for you knitcrafters as well so check out the blog on Friday for more details.

Meet The Maker – Emma from Steel and Stitch


How did you first get into knitting? 

My Mum tried teaching me to knit when I was young, but I’ve always been horrible at it!  However, it gave me a life long crafting obsession, and a passion for making things with my hands.  A few years ago while on maternity leave, I came across amigurumi  (little, crochet creatures) and that was the moment I decided to learn to crochet.
What’s your favourite thing to make?

I like making things that use traditional crochet techniques to make contemporary, technical designs.  A big, structured snood, a floral crown, things with impact get me all excited and that ‘look what I made!’ buzz.  I also have a bit of a mitten obsession.



How many projects do you have at the moment?

I design pieces for a variety of different people; yarn companies, magazines, publications, so this week I’m working on 4 different work pieces, as well as a birthday present for my littlest and a Christmas present for my bestie.  Not to mention the box of WIPs (works in progress) that I intend to get round to finishing one day.
What other crafts are you into?

I’ve been embroidering things all over the place lately, my Mum got me a 1970’s stitch bible and I’ve been using it to decorate jackets and tops with flowers.  I also love to sew, draw and paint.

What’s your favourite thing you have made?

This changes every week!  This week it’s a jumper I’ve embroidered with  the face of a Candy Skull Storm Trooper and my Neon Granny Shawl, I can’t stop wearing them.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I love taking colour inspiration from nature, and go on weekly walks to gather things to photograph and ‘collect’ their colours.  I also find inspiration just from browsing in shops, or watching movies, but most of it comes from ideas of things to make for family and friends.

What is next for you?

My latest book ’35 Crochet Bags’ has just been released, so I’m going to have a few months gathering ideas and building up a new collection for a next book hopefully.  Very excitingly I’ve been invited to write a column for a crochet magazine, so I’ll give that a go, as well as all the pattern design and yarn promotion for various publications.  I’m also working on a secret cross-craft project which I’m hoping to launch over Christmas, so watch this space!


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