Meet the Maker: Crochet Artist Emily of Make.e

Meet The Maker - Emily from Make.e #meet #maker

For fun and stylish crochet projects that you need to check out Emily from Make.e  Read below to find out a little bit more about her…

Meet The Maker – Emily from Make.e

How did you first get into knitting?

I learnt to knit when I was very little, my nan the knitting queen of the world taught me. I can still cast on and knit one purl one, but that is where it ends. I can’t get my head round 2 sticks!

Crochet came into my life much later, in my late 20’s (about 8 years ago). Feeling guilty that I didn’t persevere with knitting and not having my nan around to show me how, I decided to teach myself. I picked up a hook and some brightly coloured yarn from my local post office. I printed off some cryptic instructions off the web and took it all with me on holiday. I spent 10 days in knots and making a lot of oddly shaped triangles. When I got home and finally got on you tube it all fell into place. I honestly believe I am a better crocheter for that holiday, making mistakes, trying to figure it out for myself, playing around with stitches I feel less scared about giving new things a go.


What’s your favourite thing to make?

Anyone who know’s me will know I love a quick project, a good game is a quick game. I love to make something in an evening or two. I find my moods change very quickly and what I think is a great idea one day will be easily cast aside for a new project if it’s not happening fast enough. Thinking about it, I love making anything for my 2 girls, they are always thrilled when I make them something, which is the best feeling in the world. Maybe that’s my answer, my favourite thing to make is anything at all when it’s for someone who really loves receiving it.


How many projects do you have at the moment?

*counting on fingers* urm crikey, lots. I can count 8 projects that I have lined up, some have been started, some are at planning stages… oh wait, no I have that wall hanging I want to do, and the lino print I need to cut for bag printing….. ARRGH it’s probably best if I don’t think about it.


What other crafts are you into?

Craft is my happy place… I like to make everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. The name Make.E came from the fact that I am constantly making, my husband likes to call it makey, get it?. I drive him crazy with craft supplies and hoarding materials, I think he has finally embraced the crazy now though, he is very good at coming up with pattern names and finding sticks that are just the right shape on our dog walks. I love to sew, in fact I got an overlocker for Christmas (I cried actual happy tears). Glass painting has been a recent favourite, creating framed artwork.


What’s your favourite thing you have made?

Easy, it’s one of my first crochet projects, a giant granny square picnic blanket. It took me 8 weeks. It went with me everywhere when I was making it, in the car, sat in waiting rooms, at friends houses. I finished it with pompom trim and we use it all the time. It’s not fancy it has mistakes but it is well loved and I wouldn’t part with it.


Where do you find your inspiration?

Everywhere. My brain just seems to do this thing where it absorbs ideas and stores them in my head taking up valuable thinking room. It’s become a bit of a running joke. I’ve always been drawn to modern design and fashions, I would say my style is a cross between scandi and boho. I get drawn to bright hippy styles but my scandi side kicks in so I tend to tone it down. Or I love a bit of scandi simple styling but then want to add a bit of fun, so get some boho tassels or colours involved. I am also a big believer in K.I.S.S – keep it simple stupid, it serves me well for when I am planning a design or pattern. The girls obviously inspire me to keep things fun and they love to add their ideas.


What is next for you?

2017 has got some stupidly exciting things bubbling away behind the scenes. I have some brilliant workshops lined up. There is my t-shirt yarn bag workshop in February which I’m really looking forward to. Then there is the uber exciting SFMGS x MAKE.E Granny Square Workshop on 19th March which I am co-hosting with the Rock ’n’ roll queen of crochet herself, Miki from Set Free My Gypsy Soul. My real passion is designing new patterns and developing new ideas, I hope to have more opportunities to do this. Teaching crochet is really rewarding, I love my weekly classes, getting more people hooked on crochet is such a buzz, it also helps to keep my love for crochet fresh, I want to make sure I can do as much teaching as possible this year.


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