Meet the Maker: Elaine of Hey Day Crochet

If you love retro crochet then check out Elaine from HeyDayCrochet. She makes some amazing crochet pieces to wear and is never without her hook!

Meet The Maker – Elaine From Hey Day Crochet


How did you first get into knitting/crochet?

I’ve been knitting forever mum taught me when I was very little and have dabbled occasionally over the years but   I moved across to the dark side 3 years ago. I was on maternity leave with a lot of time to craft, my sister introduced me to crochet after making a blanket for my little one… and I don’t think I’ve put my hooks down since.

What’s your favourite thing to make?

I love to make vintage inspired clothes with a modern twist,I love finding crochet books from the 70s and reworking the styles to wearable items for now. I love to make doilies and try to use the patterns for other items, recently a bag.I love to use cotton it’s my go to and I very rarely use anything else, although I am partial to merino.

What’s your favourite thing you have made?

Favourite thing I’ve ever made …I made 8 x 1.5m diameter doilies in 2ply cotton for table centrepieces for my sisters wedding I’m so proud of those…they looked fab.


What other crafts are you into?

At the minute crochet is my big crafting love but I would love to be able to sew… I have a stash of fabric and a sewing machine…but I feel out of my depth..maybe one day I’ll master it!!

Where do you find your inspiration?

Fabrics, colours nature so many places to find inspiration. Vintage crochet books booklets and patterns are a must for me and I have been known to lose a few hours of my life to Ravelry.. a great resource for patterns. I love going to vintage fairs you’d be surprised the amount of crochet that turns up in those places.

What is next for you?

I’ve recently opened an etsy shop and already take custom orders for dresses and bags through instagram. I’ve started selling in my local arts hub a community venture where local artists can sell their hand made goods. My head is full of things I need to make and I’m hoping to start selling patterns so crochet can become my career!!

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