Meet the Maker: Crochet Designer Helen Anderson

Helen is the newest addition to the Knitcraft Ambassadors and is a great crochet and jewellery designer. We asked Helen a bit about herself and why she loves to craft. 


How did you first get into crochet?

I’ve always wanted to learn to knit and crochet. My wonderful Nana was never without her knitting needles and latest WIP when I was little. In the end it was my lovely mother-in-law who gave me my first crochet hook and got me started around 18 months ago and I’ve never looked back.

What’s your favourite thing to make?

I love to make everything and anything but I get the most satisfaction out of making something I can wear. I love experimenting with new designs and colour combinations. My heart will always belong to brights but in recent years I’ve also enjoyed designing with more subtle tones.

How many projects do you have at the moment?

I was just about to write ‘only one actually’ (feeling smug) and then realised that the real answer is at least four! I’m almost always in the middle of making a baby gift, designing/making a new item of clothing and working on at least one pair of earrings.

What other crafts are you into?

I’ve always loved crafting! I used to sew toys out of scraps of fabric when I was little, most of which I gave as gifts…the recipients were very polite. I’ve been lucky enough to try loads of crafts over the years and I hope to carry on experimenting for many years to come. I’ve just been given my first set of knitting needles as a birthday present and I’m really excited about learning  to knit and seeing where it takes me. I’m even more excited that my wonderful mum will be getting me started.

What is your favourite thing you have made?

It would have to be my Boho Fringe Cardi. It embodied so many firsts for me. The first time I’d designed and made a crochet cardigan, the first time I’d sold a crochet garment that I’d made with my very own hands (and hook) and the first time I’d written and sold a pattern. The feeling of seeing someone else wearing and loving an item that you have designed/made is completely overwhelming.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I don’t really think we look for inspiration rather that it finds us. I don’t have a very good memory for the important stuff but I seem to be able to recall a colour combination that I saw 10 years ago no problem at all. Instagram is a constant source of inspiration for me and has opened the door to an amazing crafting community which I had no idea existed. When it comes to designing clothes I get an idea in my head about how I’d like to feel when I’m wearing a garment and work backwards from there.

What’s next for you?

I have lots of ideas bobbing around in my head for more clothing pieces and accessories and I’d love to try and release some more patterns this year. I also want to design and make some more ready made jewellery so watch this space…

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