Meet the Maker: Artist Dee Cowell

Dee Cowell is an Artist who enjoys using graphite and watercolours to create her fantastic artworks. We’ve caught up with Dee and asked her a few questions about the way that she works, and her journey to this point in her career.


Tell us a little bit about yourself and what your work involves:

As long as I have held a pencil, I have enjoyed sketching. When my dreams of becoming a vet collapsed, I turned to Art. I have taught my entire life and still enjoy teaching students at my studio at home.



How did you first become interested in art, and how has this lead you to where you are now?

At the age of 10 I won a prize for a painting of part of the Sistine Chapel – God’s hand touching Adam’s hand. The encouragement I got at Junior school, where teachers invited me to paint the school play’s backdrop, had a huge influence on me.



Where do you find inspiration?

Inspiration is everywhere. If something catches my eye I sketch it and may work it up into a painting later.


What tools could you not work without?

Sketch pad and pencil.



How do you go about designing a new piece of work?

I get some reference material – photos and sketches, then visualise the end result before I start.


What art trends have you spotted this year?

Art trends are changing every day and I love to experiment.


Tell us about a piece of work that you are particularly proud of:

This year has been particularly exciting as a painting that was part of an art lesson won Best in Show and then was featured in two art magazines.



What are 3 tips that you would share with a budding artist?

Learn to draw, then never stop drawing.

  1. Learn about colours, then find your own way with them.
  2. Experiment and have fun.


What’s next for you in 2018?

I am off on safari with my husband in September to paint wild animals. Should be great fun, and I will be doing a reccie to find a suitable place to take my students next year.


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