Meet Our Team: Artist Victoria Edwards

This week’s artist is Victoria Edwards, our wonderful receptionist at Hobbycraft HQ, who keeps us all running! She’s a keen artist and loves to paint in her spare time, so take a look at her style and where she finds her inspiration!

Meet the Artist: Victoria Edwards

What’s your favourite medium and why?

 My favourite medium to use is Acrylic paint. My paintings have many layers to create the overall effect I desire and I find it easy to do this with acrylics.  I’ve experimented with watercolour and oil paints in the past but always ended up going back to Acrylics.  Meet the Artist: Victoria Edwards #meet #art #artist

What projects are you working on now?

At the moment I’m working on a lion’s head.  My favourite subject to paint is wildlife and I like to make my paintings very colourful and full of detail.  Most of my large paintings takes me a few months to finish as I paint in my spare time and all the small details require a lot of time and concentration!  Meet the Artist: Victoria Edwards #meet #art #artist

What has been your favourite new product/ discovery in the last year and why?

I started to paint using small canvases like the Hobbycraft White Stretched canvas 10cm x 10cm.  I chose some miniature wildlife and enjoyed the fact I was able to get more paintings done than usual!  I get a real sense of accomplishment when I finish a painting. Meet the Artist: Victoria Edwards #meet #art #artist  

Who is your favourite artist/blog/inspiration and why?

My favourite artist is a local one called Josephine Wall.  My style may not be similar to hers but I’m really drawn to her work as she paints beautiful fantasy scenes with lots of colour and detail.  Each painting tells a story and there is so much to look at, including hidden faces in some! Meet the Artist: Victoria Edwards #meet #art #artist

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