Meet the Artist: Rebecca Osborne

In light of our focus on Art this month, we wanted to get more insight into what it means to be an artist. We caught up with Rebecca Osborne, a fabulous artist who specialises in illustration and works with popular art brand Windsor and Newton.

Twitter: @rebeccavosborne
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How would you describe yourself or your work?

I am a professional artist, illustrator and graphic recorder.

What was your first introduction to art?

I’ve been drawing since I was little. My mum is an artist and she let me use her arts materials, lots of them were Winsor and Newton.

When I was about 13, I started going along to the life drawing classes my mum went to. The combination of access to professional art materials and practice meant that my art skills developed at an early age.


What are your preferred medium(s)?

I love using a wide range of mediums, from markers to paint and even digital art.

What techniques or methods do you like to use?

I work in the same way regardless of the medium – I block in areas of colour and gradually refine the details.

My top tip with Promarkers is to sketch out your image on the reverse of the paper, then work in markers on the right side of the paper – this means you can rub out your pencil lines. Another top-tip – windows make excellent lightboxes!

What projects are you working on now?

I am currently working on several exciting projects. I’m drawing an illustration for the packaging for a new pack of Promarkers and I’m working with the John Innes Centre and Cambridge University, producing infographics and illustrating a book for their SAW charity.


Where do you do most of your artwork?

I do a lot of live artwork at events which is really exciting. I have a studio space at home but I work wherever I am, when I am travelling I work on the train!

What has been your favourite new product or discovery over the last year?

I love the painterly effect of the Winsor and Newton Pigment markers, especially on coloured paper. I had a great time working on really large canvasses with Liquitex spray paints and markers at a festival in Norwich this year.

Where do you get your ideas from?

I am inspired by everything and anything, but if I get stuck for ideas I have a few tricks to overcome artists’ block. Sometimes I look to see what is trending on social media and am inspired by that, sometimes I work in a different medium like clay or use a digital app to spark my creative flow again.


What are your top tips for anyone looking to get started in drawing?

My best advice is to play with lots of different arts materials so you can find what you like to use. Coming to in-store demos is a brilliant way to discover new products and techniques.

Drawing every day is really important – even if it’s just a doodle. And try to draw from life rather than just photos – it will help to develop your observation, drawing and measuring skills. I carry a sketchbook in my bag, but also have drawing apps on my phone and tablet.

I always make a promise to myself that I will use whatever art supplies I buy, which stops me being too precious with my materials!

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