Meet Our Team: Artist Katie Bennett

Meet the Artist: Katie Bennett #meet #artist #illustrator

Meet our latest artist of the week, the lovely Katie Bennett, who works at Hobbycraft HQ on the web team. She’s an avid artist in her own time, with a focus on digital art and illustration – take a look at some of her work!

What is your favourite medium?

Pens, pencils & digital. Meet the Artist: Katie Bennett #artist #art #meet

What projects are you working on now?

I’ve recently finished some clothing designs for Boden, so I’m enjoying working on personal projects right now. Personal projects like drawing loads of dogs and plants. Meet the Artist: Katie Bennett #artist #art #meetWhat had been your favourite new product/discovery in the last year?

The ipad pro and apple pencil! It was a big purchase, but when it came replacing my wacom drawing tablet, I tried out the ipad and loved it. It’s blurred the divide between sketching and digitally colouring my work, using free programmes like Adobe Illustrator Draw. I’m also loving brush pens; I tried out some Do Craft Brush Markers recently. I’d never used brush pens before but they were so relaxing to draw and write with – I went from awful to pretty good in a few tries. Meet the Artist: Katie Bennett #artist #art #meet Who is your favourite artist/inspiration?

Anna Kövecses! Her work is warm & bright with clean shapes and a naïve feel. I’m always happy when I see her work. I’m also a big fan of illustrators Owen Davey, Ruby Taylor & David Doran, to name a few. Meet the Artist: Katie Bennett #artist #art #meet

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