Meet the Artist: Jonathan Brier


Jonathan Brier is a self-taught oil painter from Yorkshire, currently residing in North Wales. He completed his Art Founation at York College, and went on to complete a degree in Illustration at Wrexham Glyndwr University. He is now a part time tutor alongside his practice as an artist.

The subject matter of his artwork concerns Memetics, and the Cultures developed by humans within society. His paintings reflect his research on decision making and self-serving agendas, holding up a mirror and presenting us with ‘inconvenient’ truths. He hopes that his artwork is considered as an alarm call for change.

Jonathan has been featured alongside other artists as part of the Fine Art ‘Colour in Your Life’ TV series by Graeme Stevenson. We’ve recently had the opportunity to meet Jonathan, and he showed us how he creates the textured base layer of his paintings, which can be viewed in the above video.



For more information about Jonathan Brier, visit his website at!

You can watch Jonathan’s Colour in your Life episode on YouTube ».


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