Meet Our Team: Artist Ibby Majid

Today we’ve got one of our colleagues from the Woking store, Ibby Majid, to have a little chat with us about his style of art, what he loves to draw and who his favourite artists are – get inspired!

Meet the Artist: Ibby Majid

Meet the Artist: Ibby Majid #art #artist #meet

What is your favourite medium?

Overall, I like to use all types of medium, but ink is my favourite because of how easy it is to manipulate. Compared to watercolour, ink gives off a more vibrant look and appears as if it is better in quality. I also love the way ink can flow around the paper unlike oil or acrylic paint, which in very thick and is limited in movement. Meet the Artist: Ibby Majid #art #artist #meet

What projects are you working on now?

As a graphic designer I tend to produce most of my artwork digitally, but I am now experimenting with the combination of graphical and ink portraits on paper and would like to develop my own unique style out of it. Meet the Artist: Ibby Majid #art #artist #meet

What has been your favourite new product/discovery in the last year?

Whilst practicing with pen and ink, I discovered the Derwent Graphik Line Painters which massively helped to advance my skills because of way they are multi functional. Not only are they used as standard ink pens but they have the ability to be able to flood the ink from the pen, and you are able to spray ink onto the paper if you blow the tip. Also, the colours are easily blend-able, and when combined with water it gives you the freedom to produce amazing pieces. Meet the Artist: Ibby Majid #art #artist #meet

Who is your favourite artist/inspiration?

I have not only one but two artists of whom I both equally respect and take inspiration from. Carne Griffiths, who is also the producer of the Derwent Graphik pens, uses ink, pen, watercolour and even vodka to create amazing portraits which he combines with nature. Conor Harrington is my second inspiration, who uses mixed media to create highly detailed images and combines them with graffiti art to create abstract marvels. Meet the Artist: Ibby Majid #art #artist #meet

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