Meet the Artist: Ian Walton

Ian Walton is a self-taught artist who began painting with oils at the age of 13. The subject of his paintings stem from being a passionate mountaineer and glider pilot, and he is inspired by the power of nature that he witnesses in the sky, mountains, and sea. He works with a limited palette, constantly striving to capture the drama of strong light and shade. 

His work is now in private collections worldwide, and he is currently being featured alongside other artists as part of the Fine Art ‘Colour in Your Life’ TV series by Graeme Stevenson. We’ve recently had the opportunity to ask Ian some questions about himself and his work.


How did you initially become involved in the arts?

I’ve been painting and drawing all my life!


How would you describe your artistic style?



Breezy day at Carmel head Anglesey 100cm x 80 cm Oil on Canvas

‘Breezy day at Carmel Head, Anglesey’ 100cm x 80 cm Oil on Canvas


What is your favourite medium, and why?

Oils because of their vibrancy.


Tell us about a piece of your work that you’d consider to be your favourite:

I still haven’t created it yet but it’s usually the next one!


What projects are you working on now?

At the moment I’m working on more Colour in your Life programs.


Cwn Cneifion from Nantffranon 100cm x 50cm oil on canvas copy

‘Cwn Cneifion from Nantffranon’ 100cm x 50cm Oil on Canvas


Where do you complete the majority of your work?

The large works are done in my studio gallery at Farndon near Chester, however I really enjoy working Plein Air (outdoors).


What has been your favourite new product or discovery over the last year?

I’ve recently discovered ‘Zest it’, which is British-made, environmentally and user friendly brush cleaner for oil paint, made from Oranges.


ryoscolyn beacon anglesey 50 in x 40 in oil on canvas

‘Ryoscolyn Beacon, Anglesey’ 50in x 40in Oil on Canvas


Where do you find your inspiration?



What advice would you give to those looking to become an artist?

Keep going- it doesn’t happen overnight! Always take opportunities to watch and listen to other artists that you admire.


For more information about Ian Walton, visit his website at »!

You can watch Ian’s Colour in your Life episode on YouTube ».


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