Meet Our Team: Artist Elliot

Meet the Artist: Elliot #meet #artist #painter

Our spotlight artist this week is on the wonderful Elliot, a colleague from our Woking store. Read on to find out more about what he likes to do, and where he takes his inspiration…

What is your favourite medium?

I enjoy using acrylic paints for the majority of my work, as they are versatile and affordable. Despite oil paints being generally considered as superior, I have found difficulty mastering them and therefore acrylics have been the best alternative. The System 3 range of acrylics have been perfect for me, as they are high-quality and reasonably priced.

What projects are you working on now?

At the moment I paint one-offs here and there, as I am also a musician and a lot of my free time is shared between that and my artwork. About 90% of my work is still life, as I excelled in that discipline throughout school and have focused on that since. Recently I have been painting a lot of natural structures such as flowers, which although is a very typical and cliche thing, I had not actually featured in a lot of my previous work.

What has been your favourite new product/discovery in the last year?

Despite Daler Rowney’s expansion of their Graduate range in recent years, I had averted the Graduate brushes for some time as I had used the more expensive System 3 brushes for many years. However, as the Graduate brushes are so affordable (at £1.95 each, for all sizes) I thought I’d at least try out a couple to see how well they’d compare. I was pleasantly surprised by their quality despite the difference in price, and have since purchased many brushes from the Graduate range.

Who is your favourite artist/inspiration?

Bob Ross has always been my main inspiration, as I used to watch his show on TV a lot as a child. Obviously I’ll never be as good as him, and indeed my own work and practice has transformed a lot since then as I prefer to use acrylics whereas he worked exclusively with oils, but his ability to produce these flawless landscapes from his imagination was just so motivating for me. His show is now up on Netflix, so I shall be revisiting those feelings of nostalgia!

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