Meet Our Team: Artist Ellie from Reading

Meet Ellie, one of our colleagues from the Reading store, who is also a budding artist in her own time – check out her style and see her top tips!

Meet the Artist: Ellie from Reading

Meet the Artist: Ellie from Reading #meet #artist #art

What’s your favourite medium and why?

My favourite medium is Acrylics as it is a diverse paint which you can use on different materials and can be manipulated to create different effects. Easy to use, waterbased and great range of colours. The Skull and Batman and joker paintings were done with acrylic and added gold and silver leaf to make the painting ‘pop’. Meet the Artist: Ellie from Reading #meet #artist #art

What projects are you working on now?

I’m currently working on several projects. One is dalmation portrait; another is a gaming theme painting (halo) both will be painting in acrylic; A graphic novel drawn digitally and an outfit for a cosplay masquerade. I have also used acrylics to paint it. Meet the Artist: Ellie from Reading #meet #artist #art

What has been your favourite new product/ discovery in the last year and why?

My most favourite art discovery of last year was actually using mixed media pebeo paints! I have a photo of the chameleon where I have used this medium. Loved the unpredictable textures it gives and have done loads of canvases with these paints within the last year. Meet the Artist: Ellie from Reading #meet #artist #art

Who is your favourite artist/blog/inspiration and why?

My favourite artists and inspiration currently is ArtofAlvin /Art_collective (this is way a group of artist from different backgrounds and styles gets mentioned) /Arte_de_gustavo whom are all on instagram. Meet the Artist: Ellie from Reading #meet #artist #art

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