Meet the Maker: Craft Expert Stephanie Weightman

Meet a Maker! Stephanie Weightman #tatteredlace

Tattered Lace Dies designer, Stephanie Weightman lives in rural Derbyshire – where “beautiful lush countryside is only a stone’s throw away”. Stephanie’s an immeasurably passionate crafter; turning her hand as easily to textile arts as to her main occupation, a TV papercraft supremo. As an Ideal World Create and Craft presenter, Stephanie has a vast range of skills from which to choose for her lively and informative demonstrations, more recently turning her unique talents to designing her own range of die cutting dies and embossing folders, Tattered Lace. We caught up with Stephanie in between her busy TV schedule to give us the low-down on her latest Tattered Lace Dies, work, roadshows and crafting advice…

You can find out more about what Stephanie and the team are up to on her blog, or tune into her demonstration on 20th April live on our Facebook page!

Meet a Maker! Stephanie Weightman

We all know you as the TV papercraft queen! Tell us a bit about your other crafting passions.

I absolutely love home decor, and as I live in a really old house it’s the perfect opportunity to create gorgeous vintage styled embellishments! I also love to sew, and I am currently in the middle of creating curtains, drapes, cushions, lavender bags and anything else in fabric for every room in the house! I could be some time!

How did you come up with the concept for Tattered Lace?

I have always loved my die cutting machines and I really wanted more detailed and delicate dies to create embellishments that you just can’t cut by hand (unless you’re super patient and dextrous!) so I began looking at the production process and started working out how I could achieve the die range of my dreams.

There are many dies out there. Why is Tattered Lace different?

Tattered Lace Dies are some of the most intricate dies on the market, and during the design process I like to make sure one die can do at least three different things so you can get the most for your money! I recently designed a beach hut that also doubled as a garden shed and a door, or a flourish that becomes a heart or bunch of flowers.

Flower Friends and Church Tattered Lace Cards

What process do you go through to design a die?

I have so many ideas floating around in my head all of the time, so I keep a little note book to jot down all of my ideas and sketches. We have a fantastic Graphics department, so we meet on a regular basis to discuss what I want to design next. It all starts with my line drawing.

How do you think die cutting has evolved over the years?

The designs used for die cutting used to be mainly basic and simple shapes for paper pieced designs, and now days they are much more intricate and versatile. Technology has evolved and so has crafters needs. It is also much more affordable, there are so many different machines on the market and there is something for every budget. We can also cut numerous different materials.

What is the best piece of crafting advice that you’ve ever been given?

Follow your dreams, I applied it to designing, but the more obvious craft one is, if in doubt stick with one family of colour, so colours don’t clash.

What does it mean to you having such a successful career in craft?

I am passionate about crafting and have been since I was a little girl. I made it my goal to do something in life that I love, and I feel so blessed to be doing to the job that I do. I read a saying; it’s not how long we are on earth but what we do with the time we have. I like to use mine sharing crafts.

Give us a tour of your craft room.

When my crafting buddy and I Nancy [Nancy Watt] aren’t in it, it’s immaculate! However when we are in full swing everyone else looks on in Horror at the mess we create. It’s fine though because I know exactly where everything is…. ish!

Meet a Maker! Stephanie Weightman #tatteredlace

Stephanie Weightman’s craft room

Where do you find your inspiration?

I like to think that there is inspiration all around us. I live in Derbyshire and beautiful lush countryside is only a stone’s throw away and I also love to travel. You can find inspiration in every corner of the globe. The varying sights, sounds, textures and colours all help to feed the imagination. I also dream a lot.

Do you have a preferred time of the day to get crafty?

When I am not presenting on TV, I craft all day, every day!

Share your biggest crafting achievement.

Tattered lace is probably my single most measurable  successful achievement. But seeing a non-crafter delighted with their results from my instruction or a class I have taught probably gives me the deepest satisfaction.


What are you looking forward to most from the Papercraft Live event?

I love to meet people who share the same passion for crafting as I do. These kind of events are perfect for getting out there to see who crafts in your local area.

And for the future? What’s next for brand ‘Stephanie’?

I don’t see myself ever leaving the craft industry; it is a way of life and one that I love and I do have a few new ideas up my sleeve.

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